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“New World” Settler Colonialism: “Killing Indians, Making Niggers”
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“New World” Settler Colonialism: “Killing Indians, Making Niggers”

Originally posted on Decolonization:
“New World” settler colonialism can be described as a process of “killing Indians, making niggers.” By this I mean that, within the visionary project of building and maintaining a settler state, there are the immediate projects of clearing “virgin” land for industry and settlement (“killing Indians”), as well as constructing a…

End STI Stigma

Solidarity Is For Seronegative Sex-Positive White Feminists

The other day, I came across this article through a contact on my Facebook. For an otherwise somewhat productive article about rape culture and sexual assault, the male author writing to a male audience makes two particularly alarming, counter-productive claims. First, the author claims that someone who, against their own ethics, unknowingly engages in a … Continue reading


Pro-Life Is A Hate Movement: “Regret” Narratives

Yesterday, I was as part of a deliberately silent and minimalist counter-presence to a group of speakers publicly voicing their “regrets about abortion” with a sound system. As the sidewalks filled with university students filing in and out of their regularly scheduled classes, they were subjected at the maximum allowable volume under local bylaws to … Continue reading

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I am not a hijabi

Originally posted on neederish:
Image: There are so many ‘layers’ to this dreaded headscarf discussion (and the dreaded word ‘debate’) (and even the dreaded ‘layers’ pun). I am constantly on the edge of flipping off every conversation surrounding it. I cringe in public (real and virtual) settings that mention the word ‘hijab’, seconds from…

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Pro-Life Is A Hate Movement: Know Your Enemy

Have you ever wondered why pro-life demonstrations aren’t merely upsetting, but actually enraging? Once you see the answer, you can’t unsee it. It’s an organized hate movement. Once in a while, someone will publish a daring tell-all piece about how they lost their faith in the movement—often detailing years of social isolation, masterfully executed manipulation … Continue reading