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Sexual Abuse Leads To Sexual Dysfunction (Perspective On Consent): Rape Culture 305

Warning: This posts contains writing that may be particularly triggering for survivors of sexual abuse, especially for those whose traumas occurred during late childhood and/or as young adults. If you are having a bad day already, this might not be the best piece of writing for you to engage with. — I was by incest … Continue reading

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How White People Can Begin To Comprehend Cultural Appropriation Without Stepping Knee-Deep In Racism

Pharrell Williams is wearing a cheaply made feather headdress on the cover of Elle magazine this month. The headdress is constructed from what appears to be dyed turkey feathers, giving the appearance to the untrained eye of eagle feathers, and a lot of people are upset. As they damn well should be. I don’t know … Continue reading

“New World” Settler Colonialism: “Killing Indians, Making Niggers”
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“New World” Settler Colonialism: “Killing Indians, Making Niggers”

Originally posted on Decolonization:
“New World” settler colonialism can be described as a process of “killing Indians, making niggers.” By this I mean that, within the visionary project of building and maintaining a settler state, there are the immediate projects of clearing “virgin” land for industry and settlement (“killing Indians”), as well as constructing a…

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Solidarity Is For Seronegative Sex-Positive White Feminists

The other day, I came across this article through a contact on my Facebook. For an otherwise somewhat productive article about rape culture and sexual assault, the male author writing to a male audience makes two particularly alarming, counter-productive claims. First, the author claims that someone who, against their own ethics, unknowingly engages in a … Continue reading