Lived Experience/Memoir / Time-specific

The Worst Six Months in the Last Ten Years of My Life

It’s finally over. I can finally be sure that it’s over. I can finally rest, assured that the next fucking terrible thing isn’t going to leap out of left field at me. Except that I can’t. My hypervigilance has kept me alive this long, through decades of trauma. I have been physically battered, sexually assaulted, … Continue reading

Gender / Personal Is Political

Thou Art Not Trans Enough

Apparently having wrongful assumptions about my ethnicity thrown in my face as a non sequitur yesterday wasn’t enough. Today I experienced another trip through someone else’s “Thou Art Not Trans Enough” transexual elitism. This came about as a result of a–quite frankly–shocking decision on the part of Canada’s gay and lesbian news source, Xtra! One … Continue reading

Gender / Lived Experience/Memoir / Personal Is Political

Heterosexism and Gender-Binarism: Calling an Event Pansexual Doesn’t Make it Inclusive

Someone on a distant microcosm of the internet, where no one can look in without signing up first (so no one can know what is being discussed there and, as a result, can’t know to look for it), asked why queers, trans people, and genderqueers feel unwelcome at pansexual (kink) events even when they are … Continue reading

Emotionally Dissociated / Personal Is Political / Race/Ethnicity

Whitentity: White Privilege, Racism, & Fighting to Eliminate Both

Well, there’s no better way to begin expressing this. I’m white. It’s a part of my identity I can never escape–my “whitentity”. It serves me with a certain collection of social privileges, such as never being asked where I come from; always being assumed in my own country to speak the mother tongue (and thus, … Continue reading