Emotionally Dissociated / Personal Is Political / Time-specific

When Social Networking Becomes Toxic

Yesterday evening, following yet another series of unfortunate disagreements-turned-terminated-relationships this week on Facebook, I logged into an alternate social networking website I’m going to refer to as FetishBook. I first joined there nearly four years ago to the best of my recollection, making it the second-longest stay I’ve maintained on a website designed to promote … Continue reading

Personal Is Political / Race/Ethnicity

Truth & Reconciliation

Yesterday, in my city, my government issued a statement through a federally assigned commission, called the Truth And Reconciliation Commission of Canada, concerning the history and impact of Canada’s residential school system on First Nations communities. The chair commissioner, Justice Sinclair, was filmed for APTN National News, giving the following absolutely shocking statement: “The indoctrination … Continue reading

Anti-Misogyny / Gender / Personal Is Political

The Silicone Diaries & Trans(per)forming

I just came back from witnessing Nina Arsenault’s deeply evocative monologues about her transformation into a bombshell beauty. She definitely demonstrates that the measure of a woman isn’t her cup-size, the length of her eyelashes or hair, her waist-to-hip ratio, or the tone at which she speaks. It is her soul. Nina embodies this message … Continue reading

Disability / Personal Is Political

Able-bodied & Able-minded Privilege

Let’s start with the concept of intelligence, because what the hell! Some of the brightest minds in history come to mind, right? Everyone likes to flatter themselves with how smart they are, right? …RIGHT?! Well, unfortunately, not everyone has that privilege. Some people are told, systematically, that they are worth less because they are less able to … Continue reading