I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this word — Träume (German, meaning “dreams”) — how it resembles the word “trauma”. Hardly an original thought, I’m well aware. But recently, my psychotherapist asserted that the act of dreaming is parallel to returning to an infantile state; vulnerable to everything hidden deep within my psyche. And … Continue reading

Personal Is Political / Race/Ethnicity

People of Colour Told Me So. So Shut Up, Whitey

Every once in a while, when I am engaging in discussion about identity politics, social privilege, marginalization, anti-essentialism, intersectionality, and so on, I encounter an argument format that I am going to refer to as “People of colour told me so. So shut up, Whitey”. I don’t know how I could better refer to this … Continue reading



Today I came across a blog article on Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID), in which the condition of wanting to be a deaf person (but living, contrary to this desire, as someone with hearing) is compared to the condition of being mis-sexed (Gender Identity Disorder, or GID). I have very clearly different feelings on this subject … Continue reading