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“New Abortion Caravan” Counter-Protest

Yesterday morning, I arrived at the launch site for the so-called “New Abortion Caravan”, which is a pro-life campaign, co-opting the language of the original pro-choice campaign of 1970 to effect immediate widespread confusion. As is tradition for my presence in such protests, because I wouldn’t dare try to look anything like the people I … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To All Anti-Choicers

Tomorrow at noon, a “New Abortion Caravan” full of brain-washed young adults is showing up at the Vancouver Art Gallery — its first stop across Canada, in an anti-choice campaign that co-opts the language and concept of the original Abortion Caravan (a pro-choice campaign that went across Canada in 1970) for the exact opposite end … Continue reading

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Whites Who Oppose Racism: Here’s How To Stop Doing It Wrong

In the tradition of my first very similarly-titled blog post on how to be a better anti-misogyny ally, I am simply going to copy/paste the privilege-conscious disclaimer portion of that entry here. Some other sections of this blog post are also copy/pasted portions of that same blog post, because a lot of what I had … Continue reading

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Fuck The Body Police

Body policing is a huge collection of ideology, rooted in self-appointed authority over other people’s bodies as if they were property to govern and assert control over, and reprimand for any exhibit of defiance. In more specific terms, it is the assumption of being entitled to assert control over which bodies are acceptable, where they … Continue reading

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Follow-Up to Being Provoked to Anti-Misogynist Action

I am really humbled by the number of people who showed their support today at the anti-misogyny demonstration against a slut-shaming pro-lifer and her peers. Both friends and strangers assembled just a few minutes past noon, and stood peacefully at the same corner. Their signs dwarfed the pro-lifers’ sandwich boards. They took their body-policing rhetoric … Continue reading

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P.S. I’m Extraordinarily (Devastatingly) Under-Confident

This is an aspect of my being that I forget to tell people. I’m not confident. I’m not even faking it. You just can’t embarrass someone who has very little ego beyond rational self-interest. I mean, what are you going to tell them? “You have troll hair.” Yes, and? “And bad breath.” This is something … Continue reading

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The Right Kind of White

Since beginning to write about issues that I’ve directly experienced because I’m pale-skinned, I’ve been writing and speaking about the “right kind” of white, and the fact that there are multiple kinds of white. Importantly, I’ve been writing and speaking about how they aren’t all treated equally, especially by whites themselves (see my previous posts … Continue reading