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An Open Letter To Vancouver Police Department

Hullo, VPD. I am writing to you on my blog tonight because we need to have a conversation, but your recent actions — not to mention decades of similarly unjustifiable brutalities — have made a reasoned conversation with you, the entire collective Vancouver Police force, all but impossible. You have been arresting my friends for … Continue reading

Disability / Emotionally Dissociated / Lived Experience/Memoir

A Friday Morning Unusual

I have been struggling without my emotional compass for a few weeks now, experiencing very intense but brief bursts of acute emotional awareness, and slipping away again into numbness and dissociation within a mere couple of hours. This has been the emotional context in which the marked majority of my entire life has played out … Continue reading

Pro-Choice Politics / Time-specific

A Very Long Conversation About Abortion Rights

Today I visited the 24-hour protest site of the Musqueam people, whose ancestors’ intact remains are covered by a tarp tent since being unearthed by a condo developer who insists on trying to build on top of them. We discussed a number of demonstrations, details about their legal battle, and various political ideologies. And then … Continue reading