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My life is taking a turn towards turbulent rivers these days. The night before yesterday, my at-home internet connection was completely severed (and yet I continue to be billed for services). Yesterday afternoon, without invitation or warning (unless you count the few hundred hits from a “non-existent” website with RCMP in the URL), a couple … Continue reading

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Gay-Bashing & Trans-Misogyny: Why I Identified Us As White

Yesterday night, in the middle of writing my 10-week follow-up to anti-misogynist action, I created the following image macro from the original photo (which is in yesterday’s blog post), and posted it to Facebook: I have since been asked why I felt it necessary to identify my friend and myself as white, while a minority … Continue reading

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Sex Work: Part II (It’s Political)

It’s been quite some time since I wrote about my personal relationship with sex work. Our relationship went on for eight years. But a couple of years ago, after I survived an exceptionally dangerous situation I promised myself I would never put myself in, I decided to just be friends with sex work and stop … Continue reading

Anti-Misogyny / RCMP Investigations

With All Due Respect: Cpl. Jim Brown & Eroticized Violence Against Women

UPDATE: Two RCMP officers arrived at my front door step early in the afternoon of July 26th, and asked me an extremely thorough series of questions about the details contained in this blog entry (and what details I have not published) about my relationship to the officer in question. And after reading virtually every article … Continue reading