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With All Due Respect: Cpl. Jim Brown & Eroticized Violence Against Women

The RCMP watched this post for 3 weeks — contributing approximately 500 hits from an RCMP web link that “doesn’t exist”. ERROR 404: NOTHING TO SEE HERE. MOVE ALONG NOW, COMPLIANT CITIZEN.

UPDATE: Two RCMP officers arrived at my front door step early in the afternoon of July 26th, and asked me an extremely thorough series of questions about the details contained in this blog entry (and what details I have not published) about my relationship to the officer in question. And after reading virtually every article I could find on the matter (on August 6th and 7th), I found a video from the news story I watched and have attached a critical screenshot to this journal entry.

UPDATE (2.0): I stood by my perception that if the man in the knife-brandishing photo is indeed not Cpl. Brown — as a number of people scrambled to claim — then it is his identical fucking twin, and it still represents misogynist imagery that is symptomatic of much larger problems in prevalent societal attitudes towards women (including high tolerance for violence against them). Then the man in the photo phoned me (August 9th), and my personal (sometimes intimate) history with him merely solidifies my existing stance about how misogynist this kind of “art” really is.

For the past week, I have been blessed by the company of a Mohawk warrior and medicine man. We met at a rally to protest against Stephen Harper on a  Sunday afternoon, where we shared deep personal insights about the ground on which we stood together. Then we shared a meal, a couple of fist-bumps, and conversation that went on well into the night while my body was fighting to put me to sleep. When he told me that his sister is one of the Downtown East side’s missing and murdered women who was later discovered on the country’s most notorious pig farm, I spontaneously burst into tears of overwhelming grief. I immediately recognized her face when he showed me her picture a couple of days later, and I have seen her face every night since as I drift off to sleep. She is one of the women who disappeared after police and RCMP had compiled enough evidence to convict her murderer — one whose life wasn’t considered valuable enough at the time to motivate police and RCMP to actively work to protect it. She is one of the women whose memory I am carrying with me when I confront the VPD for failing to protect women, and for perpetrating brutality against my friends (especially against my female friends).

If only they would listen.

So this past Thursday night, when this man, who has been so generous as to share his time, energy, experiences, and wisdom with me over the past nine days, told me that pictures have been leaked to the media that are linked to the serial murder case that includes his own sister’s wrongful death, I listened very closely. He told me that people said there were videotapes of these murders — something I recall being stated at least once by people who lived on that farm while women were being slaughtered there. I told him, as I was privately thinking back on the Bernardo/Homolka case and the horrible pseudo-snuff film I had been exposed to, that no one should ever have to see that. And I hoped (with dreadful anticipation) that he was wrong about where the stills came from. I really did.

He turned on the news a couple of hours later, and directed my attention to the screen when the story came up. As soon as the words “Coquitlam RCMP” and “graphic photos” were spoken, I knew in my heart who they were talking about. I knew because I’ve seen those photos with my own two eyes when they were published online about two years ago. Because I’ve introduced that man to one of my philosophy instructors, and joined the two of them for a long conversation about drug legalization. Because I’ve had hour-long conversations with him over the phone while he watched his kids play in an outdoor waterpark. I knew because I met him about three and a half to four years ago while I was working at a porn store. He came to visit me just to say hi because we were chatting online in a pervert’s personals chatroom (where he had already disclosed he was an RCMP officer — something I now realize most people would find immediately disarming, but not I). It occurs to me as if for the first time while I’m writing this, that he pursued me from the beginning. I did not seek him out first. We chatted face-to-face for a few minutes before he rushed off to arrest a neighbourhood creep who tried to pass me a counterfeit bill (and what a story that turned out to be!) He told me all about that neighbourhood creep’s creepings in my neighbourhood, over the phone a couple of weeks later.

He’s told me about how he has kept his kink behind his wife’s back and how he stays with her “just for the kids’ sake”. He’s talked to me in code while he was tucking his kids into bed in the home he shared with his wife. He’s phoned me from inside the Coquitlam detachment to tell me about how he had just finished shining up his RCMP-issued work boots for a hot date who’s into that sort of thing (it’s not my cup of tea, but sure… whatever). He’s looked up what the RCMP has to say about their dealings with me personally (even though he didn’t tell me he was doing this and I didn’t ask him to — another thing I realize is about having power over another person). He’s told me all about what I don’t have access to (including a similar file on someone who was using their cell phone to stalk me… and what a “winner” that guy was too). He took me to the detachment so I could get my fingerprints taken at no cost, so that I can have part of my police file from 2002 permanently erased. He and I jerked off together once in my old Coquitlam apartment (it was his idea, and it wasn’t that great for me, in all honesty; and if I had any self-respect at the time, I would have stopped him before I found out what happens when he has an orgasm). He once tried to hold me still while his four-and-a-half-foot-tall female friend spanked me, flogged the shit out of my backside, and ground her teeth into my right ass cheek until I finally said I had enough (that’s more up my alley). He’s licked my tattoos and told me that they “taste” like black licorice and cherries. He took me to where he buys handcuffs in New Westminster, presumably so that I knew where to get a safe pair of high-quality handcuffs to put someone else in.

He and I have rubbed shoulders with and fucked many of the same people (who were all happy to rub shoulders with and fuck both of us — though we never did any of that together). We’ve had Indian food together, and we’ve been to the same dinner parties. We’ve been to the same sex parties, taken the same workshops, and swam in the same social circles for years. We’ve had a lot of laughs at a lot of just plain cheesy Captain Obvious type jokes and British humour. I’ve repeated some of the sexist things he’s said that I found witty at the time, and decided to stop saying them since I’ve had time to think about it. When he came up behind me at an already very distressing party and groped my behind before even acknowledging my presence there (let alone asking if it’s ok to touch me — someone had just finished doing this and I was still rattled), he never apologized for it (though the other person did). And then one of my XX-chromosomal gender-variant friends (at the time) started disclosing to me how persistent he was about trying to “play” with hir, even though s/he never declared an interest in him and they barely knew each other. I stopped speaking to him and he stopped pursuing me. Corporal Jim Brown. Someone who I think is actually well on his way to no longer being capable of looking at a woman without thinking up ways to fuck her, if he isn’t already there.

And sure enough, there was his face on the late night news. Cropped out of a much larger picture I’ve seen on his personals profile. With the faces of the models he posed with (and all genitalia) blurred out, a series of pictures I’ve both snorted about and felt conflicted by flickered in succession. And then came pictures that (in my perception) were clearly still him, in which he was holding a knife to a woman’s throat (it was later demonstrated that these photos were not of him, when the man who is actually in those photos phoned me and revealed that he is that man — not Jim Brown). She is described as being bound and nude in the images, and in the final one of the set, she is posed like a corpse in a shallow grave, buried under a bouquet of flowers. The entire scene is described as bearing a grim resemblance to the murders of the Downtown East Side’s aboriginal sex workers — including the sister of the man who has spent the last nine days with me. The reason these images were on the news? The man is being investigated on the suspicion that he took part in the murder spree. It makes my skin go cold.

As stated in update (2.0), the man in the photo, who is not Cpl. Jim Brown, phoned me and disclosed to me that he is the man in this sequence of photos, and demanded that I take this photo down. I guess he should have called the news media first — a little late now that it’s been on the news multiple times a day for multiple consecutive days, and is now available in their video archives for viewing by anyone with a keyboard and internet access.


It should not surprise anyone already familiar with this entry, but the very same website I wrote about then is the website where these images were posted. Early allegations suggested that a news reporter set up a troll account to attempt to entrap Cpl. Brown into saying some damning things about himself and the photos (this has since been falsified), where a panic about the safety of the community is now spreading — not because anyone thinks they are jerking off with or next to sexually sadistic predators, but because they are all afraid of being “outed” and losing their jobs and children. A detail about community self-policing that I neglected to include in the previous entry is what happened when I addressed a photo that I felt was deliberately attempting to eroticize suicide: people launched character assassinations on me, to the defense of the “creative liberty” and “freedom of speech” of the photographer who posted an image of a nude woman laying limp in a bathtub, bleeding from a razor pressed into her wrist as the blood spurts onto the sides of the bathtub and down her body. We simply don’t see similar images of eroticized violence against men because they are never taken. It is a transparently clear symptom of societal tolerance towards misogyny when everyone jumps all over the only dissenting voice under an image of eroticized female suicide. And another symptom of the same when everyone starts jumping to the defense of a sexist pig whose story reached the news because some of his private photos bear a chilling resemblance to the very crimes he was investigating at work.

So when the series of pictures flickered across the screen on the news, clearly showing a man holding a knife against a woman’s throat in a dramatic attempt to “push the envelope”, I wasn’t so much surprised as just disappointed. And while I personally know people who engage in this behaviour without slitting throats, but simply for the excitement of being terrorized by someone with whom they have built a profound depth of trust, no one looking from the outside is going to automatically know and accept this full context. No one who stumbles upon the bathtub suicide photo is going to think “Wow, what a beautiful and evocative photo of someone who is clearly taking charge of her emotional pain.” No one who looks at the photos of a bound and nude woman having her life threatened by an overpowering white male who is holding a knife to her throat, is going to think “Wow, what a beautiful and evocative moment in what is clearly a consensual power dynamic playing out in what is obviously a carefully executed and pre-planned series of steps with the intent to terrorize this vulnerable woman and build upon pre-existing trust with someone who never actually threatened her life at any time.” But the naive knee-jerk reaction from the community of people on that website is that it’s offensive that the media is so clearly smearing a man who did nothing wrong at any time. They are all jumping to defend their own private lifestyles, using this man’s story as a platform to launch their self-defense from. They are acting like they (or their choices) are personally being attacked when they aren’t.

Some are even comparing the public smearing of this man’s reputation to the gay rights movement, and the collective oppressions faced by gays and lesbians whose sexuality was once criminalized and punished by beatings, rapes, abductions, murders, involuntary incarceration in mental hospitals, brain-washing camps, and prison sentences spent in solitary confinement. Why not just start comparing him to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. while you’re at it? Why stop there, even? Why not start calling this a genocide against perverts? And then there are the people who are writing tirelessly about how he is a man of integrity — well I suppose whether or not he is depends on who you ask, doesn’t it? Or does a man of integrity typically live a double-life? Is unapologetic sexism a form of integrity?

And that’s not the only problem with the community response. People who write blogs and online forum discussions for this community immediately jumped to denials that the man in the photos I’ve seen is the same man in the photos that play out like a chilling re-enactment of Robert Pickton’s murder spree (of significance, a majority of the victims were of aboriginal descent, but in the photos, we see white women). Allegedly, the two people in those photos have independently (but anonymously) confirmed that it is not Cpl. Brown holding that knife (as stated in my update above, one of them has phoned me and revealed his identity — the other’s identity was accidentally revealed to me much later). Apparently I’m even acquaintances with someone who knows both of the people in those photos (I guess I should have anticipated I knew one of them intimately), and who wanted to be in them herself, because she thought it would be “hot” (I’m not touching that with a ten-foot pole). Let’s assume for a minute that it’s not Cpl. Brown in the photos, just because of that creepy phone call and for kicks, shall we? At what point did perverts (myself included) graduate from spanking and hair-pulling, or bondage and ass-fucking, to eroticizing violence against women in staged photos that Robert Pickton himself would jerk off to? At what point did we decide as a collective (a community?) that pseudo-snuff represents our alternative sexuality and lifestyle? At what cost are we willing to defend this RCMP officer’s right to have kinky sex and throw women over his shoulder to spank them during his lunch hour? And is anyone else (other than myself) thinking about the damage done to his wife and kids, or are we all just worried about a crackdown on the clubs where the rest of us jerk off and swing a flogger or a riding crop? What about the grieving families of those 49 murdered women; the photo reminiscent of their last living moments being aired on national news multiple times daily for nearly a week? Are we all so sure that being “outed” as a pervert who likes feet or spandex suits or cross-dressing in private, is going to put our kids and jobs at risk? Or can we just stop for a moment and take seriously the claims that this man is a sexual sadist for reasons unrelated to the photos — that the photos are just a symptom of a greater impairment of his capacity to empathize, as the results of a psych evaluation have revealed?

But there’s still more speculation going on — people in the community are saying that what a guy does behind closed doors with consenting adults has no bearing on how well he can do his job as an RCMP officer, and it was wrong of the CBC to launch an investigation into his personals profile by having someone sign up on the website and try to set him up in an email sting operation. Well guess what, guys? First of all, when you take photos of it and publish it on the internet, what you did behind closed doors with consenting adults is no longer private, and you can never take that back. And secondly, I guarantee you that it was someone among you who emailed all those photos to the CBC. How else do we jump from photos on a USB drive his co-workers knew about and didn’t give a flying fuck about, to how the CBC found out about the photos being published on that particular website (that even those co-workers didn’t know about)? That is a huge fucking leap, and the CBC had some help making it to the other side. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that in a community full of vindictive fucking children who do things like, oh, phone up someone’s employer after a dispute to tell them all about what perverted things their employee is doing in their spare time behind closed doors (this actually happened, in this city, and that person lost her job as a result); that the CBC did not independently go looking for the website, finding it (and him) by terrific chance, with the specific intent of finding and smearing Cpl. Brown. For a guy whose job it was to bust down the back doors of grow-ops and investigate bank robberies, he sure had to be especially arrogant to think he was immune from being exposed to out-groups in the same community of people. But I guess the person who got someone else fired from their unrelated job in the actual event described above, who also threatened to have me involuntarily incarcerated because I didn’t like her choice in music or ableism, will provide all sorts of comfort to him. Moving on.


The issue for which this man is now being investigated is about how exactly he produced a witness to the crimes the photo set emulates (Update: he airs details of his involvement in order to demonstrate that he has been libeled by false accusations of the nature of his connection to that witness. A relevant quote from the notice of civil claim is in this entry). He’s not being investigated as a pervert who’s into giving spankings and playfully wrapping women in cellophane. He’s being investigated as a sexist pig who is so arrogant and apathetic that he doesn’t comprehend the social impact of staged photos that re-enact the horrific murder spree he was involved in investigating.  He’s being investigated on suspicion that he had a hand in perpetrating a total of 49 murders of women (most of whom are Aboriginal) with Pickton. He is described as a danger to women in his capacity as an RCMP officer, who should not be involved in investigations that involve female witnesses. And something tells me, just because I knew him a little too personally for a little too long, that this particular detail about his personality was well-known by his employer for a long time already. For the time I knew him, the only female witnesses he may have dealt with at any time in his capacity as an RCMP officer would have been women who were arrested at the scene of the grow-ops he was breaking into at 3 a.m., who were witnesses during bank robberies he was investigating, or who unknowingly took counterfeit money at their menial jobs down the street from mine.

The issue for the pervert community is a complete loss of objectivity, an astoundingly pervasive attitude of naivety about personal safety and privacy, and a total inability to empathize with anyone outside the context in which we all fist-fuck, lead one another around by a leash, or hang from hemp rope hip and chest harnesses. What will it take before the rest of you see the whole picture? Will someone have to definitively prove that this man was involved in the murder spree before you wake up and get the message? This isn’t like the time someone had to fight against charges of sexually exploiting a minor over pictures that involved an adult woman role-playing as a teenager (and come the fuck on — you have to be living in a dream world to not see the connection there). Are you all really so steeped in your social privileges that you can’t connect the dots between a murder spree that primarily targeted Aboriginal women, and a surviving relative of one of those women mistaking the photo set for a crime scene? The marked majority of you are white and apparently are also completely unaware of it, as we found out a couple years ago when one among us posted a racially insensitive personal ad, and the first dissenting voice from the targeted racialized group was steamrolled, trolled, and harassed into silence by your privileged attitude as a collective who think that everyone’s sexual preferences (no matter how harmful, grim, or fucking creepy) have to be defended at all costs. Am I still the only white person with ties to this community who remembers that incident? Am I the only white person with ties to this community who even remembers the missing and murdered women of our Downtown East Side?


If you’re reading this and you really believe you’re not doing anything unhealthy by fantasizing about being one of those missing and murdered women (or one of the men that killed them), you need to take yourself to the ER right fucking now. You are an immediate danger to yourself, to your family, and to the people you work with; and whether you’re aware of it or not (ignorance is no defense , you are immersed up to your eyeballs in a community of people who are far too ready and willing to give you exactly what you’re looking for (then blame you for it). Get your collective heads out of each other’s asses and pay attention to your own safety — and quick — before one of you actually winds up dying for another set of these photos. I fucking told you all years ago to stop defending predatory behaviour, and I’m not the first survivor to have said it, either. This is why the public thinks you should all be castrated and have your children taken away. It isn’t fucking rocket surgery.

81 thoughts on “With All Due Respect: Cpl. Jim Brown & Eroticized Violence Against Women

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  2. I am thoroughly confused by this post. What exactly makes people think he was involved in Pickton’s murders? Is it just because of photos that show him dominating women and simulating violence?

    I don’t mean to be argumentative. I just honestly can’t understand how he is implicated in any criminal behavior.

    • It’s not necessarily that he was involved in any killings. Although, when one considers this ( ) and the fact he might have personal connections to Piggy Palace, well… hard questions NEED to be asked.

      This is part of the reason the United Nations is now stepping in. They only do investigations when a country’s own justice system is shown to be either corrupt, and/or failing to address the victims (and the latter has DEFINITELY been happening, ie: the sham “Missing Women’s” inquiry which just finished up).

      There also needs to be more investigation into the role he played, or how his (& potentially the rest of the polices’) attitude towards women contributed to the inaction that allowed women to go on being killed for YEARS. Having sexist views changes how you view the world. It’s been shown in many studies that people who view women in sexist ways are less likely to sympathize with them, see them as fully human, or are more tolerant of their abuse. (Sociological Images recently did a great post summing some of these ideas up & links to many articles: )

      You can read up on this yourself (, but the police have admitted there would be women alive today had they followed up any of the MANY different tips they received over the years (all stating “Hey, there are women being killed out on this farm”), or listened to the sex-workers who knew their peers were going missing, or the families who asked them to go to Pickton’s farm, and… yeah, in light of this news we should wonder what the fuck is going on & start asking more questions.

      Like, do police men like Jim Brown have so little respect for women that they are actually incapable of doing their jobs? The juror at the Pickton trial concluded that there were MULTIPLE murderers (not just one) who killed all those women as well. Did Jim Brown know about this? What is his connection to Piggy Palace? Why was he refused to take the stand at the inquiry? Why? Why? Why? Why?

      Either way, whether or not he’s partaken in any criminal behavior has left to be proven, but this much we DO know: he gets off on degrading women & considering the track record of the organization he works for (the sexual harassment lawsuits, all the women of the DTES who were allowed to be murdered), well… we gotta wonder whether this is a man who can do his job, because he might not be able to separate his private & personal life. (Although, can anyone?)

      • Like I said. He’s being investigated on suspicion of some sort of involvement — what that may be and whether or not the suspicion is valid has yet to be determined. But in all honesty, the fact that I don’t know in the pit of my heart is pretty telling of what I dread.

    • this is why he has become suspect, the following, is from the Lawyers whom, represented the victims families and I quote:

      Here is the full article, regarding Brown’s relationship with Pickton from A. Cameron Ward Barristers and Solicitors.

      Cpl. Jim Brown isn’t just a police officer who is a sexual deviant on his own time and who likes to connect with other like-minded individuals to share their twisted experiences. He is the RCMP member who produced informant Ross Caldwell in mid-July, 1999, almost three years before the RCMP accidentally discovered evidence that Robert Willy Pickton had been disposing of women’s bodies on the Port Coquitlam property he shared with his brother David. Caldwell was an acquaintance of the Picktons who reported that Willy Pickton had been seen skinning a woman in the barn, that he kept handcuffs under his bed and that he owned night-vision equipment, a semi-automatic rifle and wigs that he wore when he went trolling downtown.

      Willy Pickton didn’t kill up to 49 women by himself, not according to the jury who convicted him of six counts of second degree murder. The women whose remains were found at the pig farm were likely the victims of a group of sexual sadists and torturers, who likely included convicted murderer Willy Pickton himself.

      How did Cpl. Jim Brown meet informant Ross Caldwell? Was Cpl. Jim Brown one of the sexual sadists frequenting Piggy’s Palace? Why didn’t the RCMP act on the important information he brought forward? Were the RCMP monitoring the gang activities, including the Angels’ visits to Piggy’s Palace? Why did the RCMP seemingly ignore a ten year string of serial murders? Did they have bigger fish to fry? How many murderers remain at large?

    • the problem is his fantasy is copying how Picton treated the women. Just a heads up he is my brother. He used to beat the shit out of me physically and mentally the whole time we were growing up! yes I am his sister. so his hate for the opposite sex started at a very young age. I remember he always walked around like he was God! always getting what he wanted and having no conscious. he is a terrific liar! well has to be for living a double life for so long. In one of his interviews he states that their was no victim. Really! He doesn’t see that his wife and daughters are victims! that his kids have to attend school among whispers of parents, or that his wife has to work and shop at the local Safeway. Really!!!! He doesn’t get it! Again he is god and thinks he has done nothing wrong. It’s called Karma, that’s right you just walk around Port Moody with your had hanging high you piece of scum!!!!

  3. I read this post twice and I still don’t see what he’s being accused of. Are people suggesting he killed women alongside Robert Pickton? That he let some of the murders take place when he could have stopped them? I don’t mean to be argumentative; I just don’t see what criminal activity he is under suspicion of having committed.

    If it’s not a criminal matter but simply discomfort with Brown having violent fantasies or being into dominating women or even simulating violence against women, then I don’t understand how this isn’t about his kinks.

    From your own experiences with him, it seems like Brown might have some boundary issues and maybe not be a very nice guy. But is he a murderer? Is that the accusation here? Please help me understand the complaint. Thanks.

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  5. Um… Brown sounds like a piece of work, sure, but the leap to accusing him of being somehow complicit in anything Pickton related is still a *really* big one. I have yet to see anything in any media indicating a credible connection to the murders. And no, being investigated by the CBC doesn’t count for spit — reporters will chase any story that has blood and/or tits. Nor does maybe (was it Brown in the knife photographs? It’s not clear to me from your post, and there’s been some confusion) having been in a faux-snuff photo shoot, gross as that is. Nor does being one of the hundreds of officers involved in the investigation. And he’s being looked at internally for possible code of conduct violations, not for complicity in a murder.

    So it’s not fair to Brown, to the extent anyone cares about that (and we probably should at least a little, even if he’s a total dick who makes poor privacy choices), but more importantly it’s also counterproductive to the all-too-real problem of the deeply dysfunctional Pickton investigation.

    In a world where we never have perfect knowledge about probability, profiling just plain doesn’t work — it misdirects resources towards innocent people, leads to patterns in investigation that are evadable by sophisticated lawbreakers, and reduces vigilance by creating false positives. It’s also, y’know, unfair to basically blameless individuals who happen to be identifiable, rightly or wrongly, with a class of people that is believed, rightly or wrongly, more likely to be dangerous. Targeting Brown only because he has a kink is wrong even if we accept (and do we?) that kinky people are more likely to kill people.

    (see and

    Now, maybe the oddities in Brown’s producing a witness really are significant enough to warrant special attention. I don’t know. The sad reality of the Pickton investigation is that it’s riddled with inconsistencies and unexplained failures. Amongst all the confusion and fuck-up-ery, focusing on Brown (and any other kinky people we dig up who might have been tangentially related to the whole mess) is almost certainly a waste of time, and pulls attention away from all the other major issues with the case. Like, say, systemic disregard for the wellbeing of impoverished First Nations sex workers, and bureaucratic apathy towards clear signs that something very wrong was occurring. Weeding out bad apples, which Brown may or may not be in his role as a police officer, is all well and good, but in many ways seems less important than fixing a broken system.

    (thanks for taking the time to write all this, by the by — even if we disagree I’m always happy to come across people who think and care about stuff and are willing to contribute to the conversation, especially with something as deeply personal as all this)

    • “And he’s being looked at internally for possible code of conduct violations, not for complicity in a murder.”

      You sure about that? You sure they aren’t actually finally asking the question of how exactly he produced that witness?

      “profiling just plain doesn’t work”

      There’s behaviour profiling (proven effective) and racial profiling (proven to be a heap of bigotry with no basis in reality).

      “especially with something as deeply personal as all this”

      Thank you.

      • “You sure about that? You sure they aren’t actually finally asking the question of how exactly he produced that witness?”

        I’ve been following this closely, and have seen no indication that he’s being investigated for anything criminal. A follow-up Code of Conduct investigation was launched following all the media scrutiny this last week (conduct which discredits the force, though even that I think is overblown). Notably, he’d already been acquitted of any wrongdoing once, though he did take down his fetlife profile. Smart money says that he’ll probably at least get written up for wearing his boots in a nude shot. But it’s hard to make uniform violations newsworthy.

        (this Post story has as much detail as any I’ve seen in the mainstream media on the investigation. Note as well the nasty little dig about him looking like he’s about retirement age:

        Reive also did a bit on it over at Erotic Vancouver: )

        Now, there are people associated with the Missing Women Commission who’ve been asking questions about Brown, again based in all this media attention, but so far as I’m aware it hasn’t gone anywhere, and was mostly based on hysteria (“sexual sadist”? Really?) and the misapprehension that the abduction photos are him. They’re not.

        (there’s a thing in journalism where we’re not supposed to tell a source the answer to the question as we ask it — showing someone involved in the MWC a picture of a naked man threatening a woman with a knife, and telling them that this person was involved in the Pickton investigation, does this concern you? That’s a question you’re only ever going to get one answer to.)

        I certainly hope, if there really are questions regarding Brown’s activities re: Pickton, that they’ll be looked into in due course, alongside everything else that’s fishy about the investigation. But this story’s been in the spotlight about a week now, and I haven’t seen a single concrete reason to be targeting him in particular for further scrutiny. There’s really no there there.

        “There’s behaviour profiling (proven effective) and racial profiling (proven to be a heap of bigotry with no basis in reality).”

        I’m not any sort of forensics or criminology person, but isn’t behaviour profiling when an investigator puts together a fictive profile of a criminal, in advance of, and to aid in, locating an actual suspect? It’s kinda CSI magic, the sort of thing that always seems much more complicated in reality than it does on television. And it’s pretty much the opposite of what’s being done here, where we have a collection of behaviours attributed (some of them incorrectly!) to an individual, and are now coming up with a crime he might be guilty of.

        I can’t comment on the other type of profiling, but what we’re doing to Brown is the more traditional “he’s this type of person, he deserves extra scrutiny” kind. It’s both unfair and counterproductive.

      • (Reply to Ryan Elias)

        “I’m not any sort of forensics or criminology person, but isn’t behaviour profiling when an investigator puts together a fictive profile of a criminal, in advance of, and to aid in, locating an actual suspect? It’s kinda CSI magic, the sort of thing that always seems much more complicated in reality than it does on television. ”

        Funny. You’re no expert, but somehow you know exactly what is meant by “behaviour profiling”, that it is taken from television without even having had the person describe what they think “behaviour profiling” is, that it is “really more complicated than that”, and that you’re the only person here who knows that.

        Of course, you can’t tell anyone exactly WHERE they’re going wrong, because you’re no expert. You just know that they’re wrong somewhere, somehow. Oh, wait, maybe, because you’re -just asking questions-, not trying to stifle the discussion without addressing any of the substantive arguments.

        Your constant and vague references to “the media” are not a further indicator of this, either; never mind of course that if the allegations were as overblown as you claim you’d be able to do a lot more than just say that because nothing was found within your time limit (convenently starting when the story broke and ending when you made your comment) the allegations must be overblown.

        And, of course, none of this is an attempt to defend the police, and you most certainly must not be looked upon as potentially being a police officer or here at the behest of the police. Because the police would NEVER EVER DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT, just like how they won’t turn a peaceful protest into a war zone because a few people dressed all in black started swinging rocks around and shoving officers (or showed up period).

        • No kidding. I mean it’s not like the police arrest people for saying “abolish tuition” while legally crossing a marked crosswalk, and subsequently beat the shit out of them and grope women.

          Oh wait. That actually did happen. At the same detachment where all those missing and murdered aboriginal women were being ignored. Shucks, that kind of leaves a gaping hole of unanswered questions.

      • Not to be contrarian or anything, but could you point me to “proof” of “behavior” profiling being effective?

        Google-fu seems to suggest otherwise, telling me of how US TSA behavior profiling approaches are full of shit …

          • Okay, but could you point me to the papers proving which, of the myriad behavior profiling approaches schools/approaches that seem to exist, actually happen to work ?

            Is there at least a paper somewhere establishing the false positive and false negative rates of particular profiling approaches ?

            • I’m sure if you can use the internet to post this comment, you can find the papers you’re looking for. I am not a hotline. I do not possess and distribute these materials on command.

          • To be more specific, I can’t find much on “predictive” behavior profiling’s success, which is what (I think) we’re discussing here.

              • Let’s try again…

                Responding to the comment above

                Forensic psychology is, to the best of my knowledge, a whole field, rather than a singular methodology.

                And within that field there are some works dealing with attempts at establishing predictive criteria (like, say, works of Thornton and Hanson, though even a superficial reading of available publications suggests that their “Static99” recidivism prediction instrument and its “relatives” leave a lot to be desired, to put it kindly).

                I just can’t find any that would deal specifically with BDSM-related matters (or, to be even more specific, can’t find anything that would demonstrate that there exists a reliable method of predictive behavior profiling that would allow to accurately assess one’s job fitness based on one’s specific BDSM interests or lack thereof), despite my most sincere search efforts.

                • If you like spanking your consenting adult partners in bed, there isn’t much more to say about that or what that may or may not predict about you.

                  If you, like the corporal in question, however, turn out to enjoy sexually harassing your superiors of the opposite sex, such as by “accidentally” bringing in porn featuring yourself to your workplace, where you “accidentally” leave it in your briefcase at your desk where you direct your superior to search for work-related materials, where it is also “accidentally” adjacent to a bunch of condoms and handcuffs inside said briefcase, it is my experience that this has long ago crossed the line from an interest in BDSM outside the workplace.

                  And if you, like the corporal in question, flirt with members of the opposite sex by violating their civil liberties (quite liberally, I might add), then this definitely has nothing to do with BDSM any more, because we’re talking about predation and abuse of unequal power.

                • And if you, like the corporal in question, flirt with members of the opposite sex by violating their civil liberties (quite liberally, I might add), then this definitely has nothing to do with BDSM any more, because we’re talking about predation and abuse of unequal power.

                  Well, my point isn’t to disagree that this particular corporal is a rather distasteful person demonstrating varying degrees of predatory behavior. Quite possibly, a rather dangerous person (I could have phrased it more strongly, but as far as google can tell me, Brown wasn’t convicted of any crime).

                  But there appears to be no reason to believe that BDSM played any role in formation of such personality traits in Brown, or is in any meaningful way a predictor of such traits.

                  However, from your text it appears that you happen to consider the particular BDSM affair to be, by itself, indicative of criminal potential, if not some kind of transgression in and on itself.
                  The fact that you even advise women who find this particular scenario to be arousing to take themselves “to the ER right fucking now”, and the discussion of BP in the comments (the thing that caused google to bring me here in the first place) have further convinced me that you do indeed happen to believe that there is a connection between BDSM interests and probability of commitiing certain criminal acts (it follows from the advice you directed at the hypothetical women with interest in particular play scenarios)

                  This has caused me to wonder if you happen to have any good empirical evidence justifying such a position.

                • For fuck sake.

                  I’m not interested in the ever-shifting goalposts you would prefer to argue about just for the sake of being right about something — anything.

                • I merely hoped that we can have polite conversation about existence of a meaningful connection between certain BDSM-related quirks and criminal (or at least, “interpersonally damaging”) behavior.
                  Some of your statements indicate you happen to believe such a connection exists, hence my interest in this conversation with you specifically.

                  Also, I don’t see where did I happen to shift goalposts.

                • My experience with the public “BDSM community” is that it harbours all kinds of psychopaths, serial rapists, incest survivors in denial, abuse survivors turned abusers, alcoholics, dry addicts, sociopaths, and apologists of all stripes who enable this behaviour and push anyone out who stands up against it.

                  Does that about answer your question?

    • Hi there, I left a posting {above} from the Lawyers whom represented the victims families, which clarifies why, they are becoming suspect with that, “slob” Brown.

  6. Hey,

    It’s Reive here. I’m not sure if you’ve read any of the articles I’ve written over at Erotic Vancouver about this, but I can tell you that I 100% believe that the person in the “abduction sequence” of photos is NOT Corporal Brown.

    The man who is in the pictures bears a resemblance to Brown, to my mind a bit of one, to other people’s minds a strong one. When I look at the photos I can clearly tell that the person in the knife photos is the person I know – I look at the photos of Brown and can say that it’s someone different.

    Moreover the people who are actually in the abduction series of photos have confirmed it: to me, and to a few others. And they’re terrified of being “outed” to the general public, so I can’t see why they would be owning up to it being them if it were not. (And, again, I recognized the man it actually is before speaking with him.)

    I am not defending Brown, per se, I am trying to set the record straight with regards to BDSM, and as to the fact that he is not the person in some of those pictures.

    In the last piece I wrote about this, “Where were the trail bosses? Responsible journalism failed,” I suggest that there are certainly questions that need to be answered by Cpl. Brown.

    From that piece:

    And there are questions about Corporal Brown to be asked as well.

    Was his decision to wear his RCMP riding boots in BDSM photographs acceptable? Should he face some disciplinary action if it was not?

    Did he conduct himself professionally at all times while acting as an RCMP officer? A complaint against the Corporal that was apparently dismissed is going to warrant attention from the media.

    Finally, there are questions about the officers possible attendance at parties at Piggy’s Palace, the after hour’s party house on the Pickton farm. If Jim Brown, or any police officer, was at parties at Piggy’s Palace and has not come forward before now it’s a serious matter. An unconscionable one. But it appears there is nothing to suggest that there is anything more to this than rumour and innuendo. At this point no one can point to a source that suggests this ever occurred.

    Photos showing Jim Brown engaged in SM play do not constitute such evidence. Nor do they mean, as some would suggest, that Corporal Brown is a sexual sadist, a damning psychiatric diagnosis. The evidence is that he is a consensual sadomasochist; there is a world of difference. It is, quite simply, vilification.

    Many of the questions that are going to be asked of Corporal Brown are, quite frankly, unfair. They should not need to be asked. They should not need to be answered.

    But the herd has stampeded, and some of the beasts have yet to stop or turn. And the danger in not having those questions answered is that Corporal Brown, and potentially other innocent parties, are going to get flattened.


    In your blog post you ask “Am I the only white person with ties to this community who even remembers the missing and murdered women of our Downtown East Side?”

    No. Far from it. Both NOIR and Sin City hold 50/50 draws each month for PACE, a charitable organization by, for and of survival sex trade workers on the DTES. Members of our community give of their time and efforts for this and other organizations on the DTES, as do many other people throughout our city.

    Defending BDSM is in now way about defending the actions of those who would harm and assault anyone, and correlating defence of one with defence of the other echoes the very issue we’ve taken with the media.

    Reive Doig

      • Hey, Reive?

        Hi. I’m lordsetar, a semi-active member of the global skeptical/atheist community. We are currently dealing with a major, major sexual harassment problem in that many skeptical/atheist conventions — including the largest, The Amaz!ing Meeting (TAM) in Las Vegas, put on by the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) — did not have clearly stated harassment policies, if any at all. This had some very predictable results.

        Over the May long weekend, at the Women in Secularism conference in Washington D.C., one of the major topics was harassment. Even adter one day, the pushback was noticeable (though, I myself did not see it as I was busy attending Imagine No Religion 2 in Kamloops).

        A few days later, DJ Grothe, president of JREF, noted that women registration for TAM 2012 was only at 18%, down all the way from 40% at TAM 2011, then goes on to say that this may be because of some “messaging” describing harassment incidents, which he characterizes as misinformation and irresponsible, claiming there were no recorded harassment reports at TAM 2011.

        Shitstorm ensues. You can read about the rest about it here:

        The long and short of it is that DJ was extremely wrong, and has not only not gone back on it, he’s gathered a bunch of supporteds in his corner and doubled down multiple times, to the point of there being NO HARASSMENT POLICY at TAM 2012 ( ). Yes, you read that right.

        Here’s the thing: right now, you’ve just made the same initial misstep as DJ, denying the problem and trying to silence the complaints. Your argument has already been dissected in the very post you are commenting on. You are -wrong- to defend this. You are (most likely) taking advantage of racial privilege (the victims were Aboriginal women, which is probably the lowest point of race-gender intersectionality within the binary, please think about that for at least a fucking second) in what you are doing; that aside, you are defending engaging in -dangerous behaviour-. Seriously. One fucking ‘slip’ of the knife. “Oops, it was an accident”. Only one witness, and if he turns himself in he’ll get off extremely lightly with a manslaghter charge at worst — if it doesn’t just get ruled an “accidental deatgh” and we get treated to the Province and the Vancouver Sun banging on about the dangers of “deviant” sexuality, err I mean BDSM,

        And right now, you’re the Grinch, standing atop Mt. Crumpit with the sleigh carrying the entire local BDSM community on your back. What are you going to do? Save it, or dump it all five thousand feet into the abyss?

        • I also dare ask how exactly working with a non-profit organization, run by DTES women who are alive and well, is synonymous with remembering those who are missing and murdered.

          I imagine that might make a few faces crinkle, but it’s a question worth asking, because it seems to me that either there’s a premise missing somewhere, or someone doesn’t want to answer the question of whether or not they actually do remember those women.

    • I don’t know if you know the guy personally, or if there are two different men in those photos. That’s beside the point that if pseudo-snuff represents the same community of people as people I’ve fist-fucked, spanked, and been bitten by, I’m glad I started walking away a long time ago, because it’s clearly no longer a safe space for anyone.

      • I’m starting to wonder how safe any open & public space that deals emulations of violence can be (especially after watching the knee-jerk reaction of those BDSM – the running to defend Brown, not thinking about the larger implications)…

        I know i’ve been sexually harassed at Sin City, had people get down on their knees & try to examine my cunt without asking. A trans friend of mine had a man repeatedly insist that he thought -she- was just the type of -girl- he liked, even though he kept on saying “Hey, buddy, i’m a boy” before walking away. Another boy i know had a girl forcefully try to make out with him, even though he kept on saying no & moving away. He was in a quiet place & in a crowd, but no one stepped up & said anything, probably cause he was a guy & y’know – guys can’t be sexually assaulted (as the myth goes). At other strictly play events, i’ve had people tell me “Don’t play with so & so – they don’t respect boundaries” and it’s like… why is this person even ALLOWED in the venue if that is the case? What if i didn’t folks “in the know” to let me know there are some sociopath-tops in our midst?

        Maybe we’re all “too sensitive” but those experiences turned me off the scene, and watching the reaction of folks involved in it has just been the final nail in the coffin for me. These spaces -aren’t- safe. I’m sure they attract some kind folks, but they also attract some enormous assholes as well, and there clearly isn’t the type of community accountability set-up to deal with these jerks, make them know they’re unwelcome.

        And that’s the thing – Reive has a lot invested in BDSM being acceptable in the mainstream & all, cause he’s involved in various events around the city (which generate income) and so it makes sense he would be such a strong advocate for trying to reinforce that division between the personal & public, try to diminish what has been said on this blog, ignoring the people who have bad experiences in the scene, try to smooth over the ways in which emulations of sexism & violence can sometimes bleed out in the “real world” it was always apart of to begin with…

        • “I know i’ve been sexually harassed at Sin City”

          I know the staff collectively ganged up on me and trolled my FetLife page for a week when I walked out with my money after refusing to take my shirt off. To suggest that it escalated far beyond reason is understatement of the year.

          “Reive has a lot invested in BDSM being acceptable in the mainstream & all”

          I also know, like yourself, that there are certain people who are invested in keeping things from escalating as far as that incident went or as far as other people outside of the “scene” are now experiencing news reports about that RCMP officer’s photos. To suggest otherwise would be to play into the same inappropriate naivety I feel they are all perpetuating.

          I don’t think Reive is a bad guy (and in fact, went out of his way on my 25th to look out for my safety — I’ll never forget that). I think he’s a talented writer and event organizer, and a popular guy who deserves the good reputation he enjoys. But this issue isn’t about him. As I keep saying, it’s about 49 missing and murdered (mostly) aboriginal women.

          I just wish people would get the point instead of making this issue all about defending BDSM.

      • Clearing what up? “That’s not the guy but I can’t tell you who it is,” is the lamest defense I’ve seen. It was the same guy, you know it was the same guy, and you’re trying to help the guy create a bogus defense rather than explore whether a person in his position might be better off without a sadistic streak.

        • For me, the issue is pretty simple.

          If it is him, this is symptomatic of an emotional apathy that is already known about and that raises concern about whether or not he can do his job (I would argue by now that if his job involves women, he’s well on his way to not being able to), and whether or not the community is at all safe if this pseudo-snuff is what people are really after.

          If it isn’t him, this is symptomatic of someone else’s emotional apathy, and should raise concern with virtually the entire community about what the fuck to do with people who produce this material — pseudo-snuff — because we’re not talking about getting spankings on a weekend any more.

          I started walking away when I finally had enough of the shit that goes around when you aren’t pretending this shit doesn’t bother you on a profound level.

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  8. I don’t know if this is the right place to leave this but, thank you so, so. much for such an informative, blog, website, or whatever one calls this. I have been arguing with people from the BDSM community, for the last few days and it came to an almost apocalyptic ending from me completely tearing this BDSM idiot from the states, in half. They don’t know how to respond to my posting, all they did was gave a it thumbs down and no response. They are primarily, from the United States and back East. This is the Yahoo News forums and as i pointed out to these twisted morons, if the BDSM community, is up in arms as you claim and no one else, would dare disagree with them, then why is there not one posting from anyone from the BDSM community of Vancouver? Also, as I stated, why isn’t the BDSM Community of Vancouver, marching in the streets, in protest if they allegedly feel so passionate about Brown being so-called persecuted and his rights being violated. I love it when Americans, try and tell you how it is, in litigation and civil rights in our country,,,,{which i have also pointed out to Yanks}

    So thank you again!!! that is, for everything that you do…You certainly have my respect and support.


  9. Corporal Jim Brown used to pull teenage boys (13 to 16) into the alley off of Lonsdale when he was a rookie in North Van in 1979-80 and make them drop their pants on the premis of looking for drugs. I was a witness, I have friends who were witnesses and victims. He was into psychological humiliation with young boys even back then. He was 19 or 20 at the time. I knew he was a freak back then, and I am so delighted everyone now knows the truth about Constable joey Suckface, his street name, created by me 33 years ago!!

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  15. [Dude uses my name here], please remove the images above of the man you claim is Jim Brown. They are from a private photo shoot, and remain the property of the photographer and the models involved. To copy them and display them on your blog without written authorization is a copyright violation. Please do the right thing and remove them. Thank you.

    • Guess you better talk to all the television stations that aired it then, and tell them how fury you are, bro. That’s a screen shot from one of them, which had aired it multiple times a day over multiple consecutive days, and now provides it for free in its video archives.

      I’m not buying your bullshit argument.

      • Copyright is not a bullshit argument, and the media’s use of this material is highly questionable at best. Just because the mainstream media tramples all over our collective rights does not mean we have to emulate them. We are better than that!

        And secondly, there is serious question as to the identity of the man in these images and many people have stepped forward (me among them) to say that this is not Jim Brown. Do you want to be falsely representing a man as Jim Brown who has nothing to do with this individual? I know you are much more ethical than that!

        • I don’t think you know me at all.

          And secondly, that man just phoned me up out of the clear blue sky and demanded I take his photos down.

          Well you know what? He has no business contacting me to pretend he can just push me around and subordinate me into silence. What you wouldn’t know about just how much of a creep he really is, is about to become part of a file with the authorities.

          I am not going to be terrorized into silence.

        • Photos aside, Jim Brown is still a queerbot who took pubescent boys into the alley off Lonsdale in North Van and made them drop their pants on the premis of looking for drugs. These were hs actons when he was a 19 year old rookie, imagine how twisted he has become with an added 33 years of controlling and repressing his homosexuality and self loathing. I saw these things with my own eyes, I was a victim of this freak. Please someone bring a defamaton case my way so all his young victims of his abuse and deviancy will come forward!

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