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Objectivity vs. Thought-Policing

Since Cpl. Jim Brown’s proclivities towards consenting women have been vetted to mass media on the national scale, I have been quietly following conversations within the vacuum of intertrons that is FetLife.com (which, by the way, is a free website where you can sign up and peer in at all of these conversations for yourself, if you don’t believe me — just like a member of the media has previously done, and just like the authorities have likely been doing since the first of a series of investigations were opened into this particular RCMP officer). But I’m not staying quiet lately.

UPDATE: For ease of locating the timeline I started writing on this post, I have moved it all to a permanent page at the top of my blog, marked #RCMP/VPD.

Now, despite the fact that I have been cooperating with RCMP — who not only monitored my blog from the first post on this matter (which I did not expect at all when I posted), but have also taken two audio-recorded statements from me (one on videotape as well), both in my home and at the RCMP detachment — it’s becoming more and more apparent with every statement I read from someone who clearly has no perspective on exactly what is going on or why, that the thought police are on patrol in the Vancouver kink community. Any form of dissent is circumvented by being immediately shot down as an “outsider opinion” and/or completely lacking in objectivity (some even going so far as to resort to ableist jabs to further their viewpoint). Even when it comes from someone who has been directly involved with the persons under investigation, as well as in their scene for years; as I was, until late last Summer.

If I write a short note to someone to try and enquire into whether or not they have considered all possible circumstances that might lead someone to choose, against the better interests of everyone involved, in a way that is frowned upon; I am dismissed as someone no one cares to hear suggestions from, and further contact is permanently terminated by the block button. If I write a short note to someone else to try and enquire into whether or not they’ve even read what I’ve written before writing it off as fallacious rubbish, I am met with someone who clearly resents me and as a result, rationalizes that nothing I have to say (which is conveniently held by the majority as the opposite of their opinion) is of any value. If I engage with someone to remind them that no one involved in these conversations are neutral — either they know what’s going on and are involved in furthering the multiple investigations, they know what’s going on and are involved in inhibiting the investigations, they know what’s going on and are too worried about their own privacy to either further or inhibit the investigations (thus showing complacence with both confirmed and very likely criminal activities), or they don’t have a bleedin’ clue what’s going on at all and are pretending to anyway — I am met with hostility.

Thought-policing is not a form of objectivity. It is the furthest thing from it, in fact. But I guess it’s easier to convince yourself that you’re being objective, than to take off your Tunnel Vision® goggles and start asking some hard questions at the risk of being ostracised like myself and at least one other cooperative witness. But you have to ask yourself: what exactly are you going to ostracise yourself from? And I’ll give you an answer to this, so that you don’t have to think too hard at the risk of bursting a capillary. I actually had to posit the following statement as a part of a conversation on this entire mess:

“Let me get this straight: in your opinion, either pretending to be Robert Pickton, in photos the man would himself jerk off to; or pretending to live out the last moments on earth of 49 women who were horribly tortured to death and then buried in pieces on a pig farm, by Pickton, is erotic.”

Here’s a link to the photo. And once again, how is this erotic in any way? Wait. Don’t answer. I don’t want to hear it.

If you can’t see the lack of objectivity you’re steeped up to your eyeballs in, when someone has to ask you that (let alone when you find out that you’ve been involved with hundreds of people who have placed a higher priority on a pedophile’s right to privacy, for nearly ten years, than on justice for the child he was sexually abusing), there’s just no helping someone like you. No one will ever be able to convince someone like you of just how fucked up your priorities are. At the risk of coming off as ableist, this is the sort of thing that characterizes psychosis.

Is it any wonder that I just don’t care what any of you think of me for coming forward with this information?

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