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Week 15 Follow-Up to Anti-Misogynist Action

This week’s update is going to be very brief. I could not attend on Friday, and I had to leave early on Saturday. However, I finally have an epic photo to share (for the first time in weeks!)

Looks like YOU’VE had too much to think!

The only feedback I’ve received about Friday was that despite the presence of a pro-life posse of nearly two dozen bodies in total, there were new demonstrators present with our regulars; and nothing unusual, creepy, unsettling, alarming, or upsetting happened. Everyone was safe and had fun. Shouldn’t that be the way of things at a peaceful demonstration for bodily autonomy?

As for Saturday, there were only two pro-life demonstrators present. We received the typical random bursts of discontent and scowls from a marked minority who were too afraid of being challenged on their shit to stay within ear shot, and they were gone as soon as they finished expressing their fucked-up gender politics (as usual). We were joined by a number of new demonstrators again today (one of whom is artistically gifted, and made a beautiful painting of a uterus for their sign). What was confusing was that a number of people who apparently support our side, in passing vehicles, shouting out their windows. I couldn’t tell who was in support of us and who wasn’t, because typically this is the modus operandi of someone who hates us but wouldn’t dare say it at a red light until right before the light changes again. So I might have said “fuck you!” to the wrong person. My bad.

Apart from that, our demonstration this week was surprisingly peaceful. And I am grateful for that, given that I have officially and completely lost my housing, and am now circulating between temporary overnight arrangements for the time being, until I can once again find my own home (and I’m hoping I can hang on until one becomes available in this neighbourhood). It was nice, just for a change, to just not be yelled at, badgered, threatened, and sexually harassed, for taking a stand against slut-shaming and rape culture. And even though I left early on Saturday, it seems our old friend Roger (who a passerby referred to as Rush Limbaugh and demanded that he go home) took my departure as his cue to leave. So perhaps I didn’t miss anything, and for just one week, we created safety in a space that has been violated by people whose rape culture, sexual harassment, and slut-shaming can just stay home.

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