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The Plot Thickens

How do I even begin this blog post? The CBC is now reporting that a man who helped the Re-Sergeance Alliance publish the blog that was censored within 24 hours, and who claims to have reported Cpl. Jim Brown’s FetLife photos to RCMP, was raided by RCMP with a warrant to search his home and seize all of his electronic devices, to assist an investigation of defamatory libel. Here’s a quote from the story (which is also accompanied by a video):

A man who complained to the RCMP that one of its officers posted bondage photos online says that after he reported the Mountie, he and his wife were terrorized by police during a raid on their home.


[T]he man said seven officers — bearing a warrant that said the search was being carried out as part of an investigation into alleged defamatory libel — raided his home and seized several computers and cell phones.


I am concerned for this man (who I dare say, I believe to be the man I wrote this very brief post to address when all other attempts to respond bounced back), and yet, I remain suspicious of the way his story has been described by the CBC at the same time. The details in the story don’t add up. We are being spoon-fed a load of horse shit, and the only clue the CBC has the liberty to give you is the word of a lawyer who declares that defamatory libel laws are unconstitutional.

The issue at the centre of this media fire storm is photos, only because it has to be, in order for this issue to be cast in the limelight at all. But the real issue — the one no one can say out loud or in print without being raided, censored, or systematically silenced — isn’t a set of photos or an officer’s private sex life. Those matters are just the catalyst in a larger chain reaction: an enormous cover-up within the RCMP is being unveiled, one news story and blog post at a time. Leaking those photos merely broke the seal. When the first (rather daring) stories went national, that was the sound of the lid coming off (Update: it was also the sound of defamatory libel, for which Cpl. Jim Brown has filed a lawsuit against the author, his accomplices, and a prominent lawyer). The raid on the man who helped RCMP hit the publish button (and the knee-jerk policy released by RCMP demanding that its members no longer publish to social media) is an attempt to stuff everything back into the jar, but it’s far too late for that. Like trying to contain an oil spill after it’s already happened, the damage is done.

One Does Not Simply “Un-See” What Has Been Seen

I didn’t see the Re-Sergeance blog when it went live. I took exactly two days too long to check my email, and though I cannot disclose the content of what I found, I will say I got the gist of what was censored. It’s clear from the video attached to this story that the CBC did see that blog, and it’s equally clear that Cpl. Jim Brown’s name and lesser-known reputation were plastered all over at least one page. This brings me to posit one very critical question for everyone reading this:

Why do you suppose I wasn’t subjected to a similar raid by RCMP?

Rather, I was approached respectfully by two RCMP officers on my front door step (they certainly knew where I lived at the time!) I provided a two-and-a-half-hour audio-recorded statement about what I wrote, articulating every detail of every thing I wrote apart from a single incident that I described as “up my alley”. Despite the fact that my sentiments are parallel to what appeared on that now-censored blog, I still have a computer to publish with (and it’s not like the RCMP somehow don’t know about this blog — I have little doubt they continue to monitor it). Reporters with the CBC and other national news sources have had to side-step around sentiments similar to my own at virtually every step in the process of reporting this story. That is, except when either Dr. M. Webster (the psychologist who has worked with RCMP for over 30 years) or Cameron Ward (the lawyer who represented the families of Robert Pickton’s victims, during the serial murder trial and the subsequent inquiry into why police didn’t act sooner), have just barely begun to utter them out loud.

Keep Asking Questions Until We Get Answers

Are we still supposed to believe Cpl. Jim Brown pulled Pickton witness Ross Caldwell out of a top hat by the ear while declaring “Ta-daaaaah!”?

Update: Brown has aired details of his involvement in the above-named investigation, as part of his civil claim for damages incurred by defamatory libel. A relevant quote describing his involvement, and his connection to the above-named witness, is included in this post.

I will remind everyone reading this again that neither man took the stand during the trial or the subsequent inquiry.

And to the person who never answered either how they know, or how sure they are, that it was an anonymous tip, is your certainty beginning to quake yet?

We, John & Jane Q. Public, are all staring a massive cover-up straight in the face. And it is neither about photos, nor about someone’s sex life.

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