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Deception Unveiled

It seems that along with the lid coming off a massive RCMP cover-up, Jennifer‘s meddling has opened and spilled a whole other can of worms into her tickle trunk. One of her former business partners has just publicized details of a civil dispute raised by the former landlord of the location where my last interaction with Cpl. Jim Brown occurred; along with a brief mention of the libel lawsuit she has also recently been slapped across the wrists with (I’m being deliberately nice about where I imagine the sting of that one struck). It seems she didn’t do the work she promised those of us in attendance at this space, after all. The landlord claims to have not given consent for the space to be used to facilitate gatherings such as the one where Cpl. Jim Brown handled my left ass cheek as though I was his lover (before I was even aware of his presence in the room, I might add).

Newcorp [Properties] also states in the suit that Skrukwa was “to use the Premises for the purposes of general office space, consulting as well as conducting business as a ‘Life Coach Company’ and for no other purposes.” The premises were in actuality the home of Libido Lounge, which held regular sex parties in addition to educational sex seminars. Skrukwa regularly made claims that she had “dotted all her i’s and crossed all her t’s,” to make sure she was properly licensed for such parties.

[source article on EroticVancouver.com]

I hate to rub it in where it already hurts, Newcorp, but I can assure you that those “regular sex parties” were every fucking weekend for the greater part of two years that I know of. I know because I was going there at nearly that frequency. And when I couldn’t justify the expense, she told me I can come and do massage. Then a number of things intersected at once: I got tired of attending with the exclusive and explicit intent of engaging in what felt exactly like a form of sex work (even though I wasn’t providing sexual services), I wanted to attend to explore my sexuality but felt that it wasn’t really pansexual (and thus, I felt increasingly inaccessible and marginalized sexually), and once I shaved my head, attendees stopped laying down on the massage table when they found out I would be the one putting my hands on them (even though I was the same person they used to stare at until they fell asleep under my hands before I shaved my hair off). Just as I was about to swear the space off, the person I was going there with handed Jennifer a $600 cheque for a lifetime membership that he gave to me. So I offer my personal apology, Newcorp, for I continued to participate in the abuse of your property for some time thereafter. I realize ignorance isn’t a defence, and I am sorry.

But there’s still more to Jennifer’s deception, and the civil claim against her is an exercise to illuminate the details:

Landlord Newcorp Properties claims that Skrukwa had entered into the lease under both her name and doing business as Loving Life Centre Ltd. In Schedule A of their suit they claim “The Defendant is not incorporated under either the laws of the Province of British Columbia or the laws of Canada.”

To include “Ltd.” in a company name you must be incorporated according to BC law.

[emphasis mine]

My emphasis here is one that springs from both sincerity and direct experience (as per usual). The emboldened text in the above passage is part of a critical monologue that Jennifer habitually hammered on, in detail, to anyone who would listen. She claimed to have protected herself — and everyone else — with insurance. She claimed that her insurance required her to have checked everyone’s ID at the door to determine that they were 19 years of age or older, and she claimed that she was taking that information and entering it in a confidential file that would only ever be used to prove that she had fulfilled that obligation (e.g., if, say, either police, RCMP, or an auditor should come knocking). In fact, she didn’t stop there. She made all sorts of claims about the benefits, hassles, and requirements of her insurance. And why am I going on about how she went on about insurance, when the above text is about incorporation? Well, because the point of incorporation is to reduce shareholder liability in the event the business incurs debts it can’t re-pay (e.g., if the business is raking in more than $120,000 annually, takes a $500,000 loan, and defaults, then shareholders don’t lose their houses and personal vehicles over it — and they can keep their shirts too).

I sure hope her trusting and loyal husband knew about this before he was made a shareholder. If not, I can only begin to gesture at what he might consider doing for his own sake. LOLWHOOPS!

I’m going to be plainly honest here: when I found out the space had closed, it was a couple of months after I had to phone the police to tell her to stop harassing me. My first thoughts were “Shucks, that’s just too bad. I guess you can’t get insurance for discriminating against people on the basis of their mental health status.” I even smiled and laughed about it at one point. Considering that my iguana had recently taken his last breaths in a fairly sudden and suspicious death in my arms, I felt vindicated by the failing of the business that had caused me so much hurt and taken away so much of my life while I was one of its regular attendees. I shared the news (but not my personal schadenfreude about it) with one or two other people when it was finally confirmed on FetLife. And then I moved on.

Now that this issue has reared its ugly head a second time, in a court of law, I feel just a little bit more satisfied. I’ve been hearing some pretty outrageous gossip despite maintaining a distance since last September, but this is a mouth-watering slice that bears substance. No wonder she feels so vulnerable lately that she is desperate to deflect attention away from herself and Cpl. Brown by any means necessary. Including defamatory statements of her former business partner:

As criticism of Skrukwa has mounted online and in the kink community, she’s fought a fierce battle back. She has made statements attacking the character and actions of those who have questioned her, including towards this blogger. It was the most serious of these attacks that has lead to the Supreme Court suit.


While the local kink community continues to ask questions about what has happened, it seems that those answers might have to be found in court.

Did I mention she’s been trying to raise my mental health status as a means to refute everything I say, just like when she did that last year when I told her that blowing me off to discuss the texture of her own shit was fucking offensively rude? And that she still hasn’t even the slightest conception of what my mental health issue actually is? The fact is that it isn’t the “most serious” of her accusations and character assassinations that reached the Supreme Court. It’s simply the one that’s directed at the one person with the most money in his personal coffers and the most significant attachment to his privacy and reputation. Nothing I can fault him for, that’s for sure. I didn’t even know his name (but I did know him as a creative person with good and fair intentions) until the court documents surfaced.

Jennifer & Co: If you’re reading this, I hope you get everything that’s coming to you. It’s been a long time coming.

Update (August 29th): While I have learned of a tragedy (for which the English language lacks a single word to gesture at) that impacts Jennifer and her family, in light of which, my instinct would be to hold myself down, it is still neither an excuse nor a defence for the matters this blog entry is concerned with. It is not a Get Out Of Legal Trouble Free® card. While no one should have to know this grief, relief is not going to come from attacking other people — especially someone such as myself, who had not addressed her at all for nearly a year — and it most certainly isn’t going to come from campaigning to restore the public reputation of a man at the centre of a police cover-up.

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