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Guest Post: Lupe Fiasco and the hip-hop rebel’s emotional breakdown

I can relate to this in extraordinarily powerful ways, despite my many, relatively superficial, differences.


Written by Rahiel Tesfamariam

It’s not everyday that rap artists have a public emotional breakdown, so fans and the media should pay close attention when they do. One of the most memorable displays of emotion from a hip-hop artist came just last week when Lupe Fiasco struggled to get through an interview on MTV’s “RapFx Live,” with host Sway Calloway.

After watching the 2006 video clip of himself that brought Lupe to tears and listening to him speak about his hard-knock-life upbringing in Chicago, I was left thinking that this emotional moment offered a powerful glimpse into the makings of a modern hip-hop rebel.

The interview makes it clear that Lupe’s desire to find an escape route out of his childhood neighborhood never resulted in detachment or indifference. His pain goes deep and is rooted in years of loss. He has lost friends to gun violence and…

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