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Information, Speculation, & Misinformation

RCMP investigations into Cpl. Jim Brown, Mr. Charles, the photos of both men that were leaked to the national media, and the Re-Sergeance Alliance blog, are all reaching critical mass. As a result, the efforts of multiple parties to spread credible information, unsubstantiated speculation, and blatant misinformation, is also reaching critical mass. Emotions are running high, and it’s now becoming easier than ever before, for one’s vision to become clouded on these issues. I have earned the good fortune of being considered both trustworthy and credible in the eyes of multiple people, no matter how hard anyone else may have tried to undermine my credibility or discourage me from writing.

Credible Information

I received confirmation today that a misconduct investigation into Cpl. Brown, which has been ongoing for quite some time already, is still ongoing. Some of the information I provided in my two-and-a-half-hour statement is a part of that active investigation (confirmed today). As I did not directly witness any criminal behaviour on his part (regardless of the fact that I did directly witness a lot of suspicious behaviour), if and when he is investigated for specific criminal activity, any other information I provided will either not be used at all, or will be used only to provide a timeline and/or context. The same applies to the statement provided by at least one witness I helped to connect to investigators. That came directly from the person currently handling the case.

I was told, at the end of my two-hour statement, that an investigation is being launched into Mr. Charles, that it will most certainly be long, and that it may require me to return to provide more statements or other information. That came directly from the constable who took my audio- and video-recorded statement, after she confirmed with her supervisor that what I had to report does indeed represent a crime and a legitimate cause for concern for the safety of the child involved.

I also received confirmation today that it is the opinion of investigators that the connection* between Ross Caldwell and Cpl. Brown, which many parties (full disclosure: myself included) have been hammering on about, has been resolved to the satisfaction of the investigators currently handling this case. What this means is that neither man was required, summoned, or invited to take the stand, either at the trial or the inquiry, because though Caldwell corroborated what critical witness Bill Hiscox told investigators in 1998, what he had to say was deemed to be of minimal importance. That came directly from the person currently handling the Cpl. Brown case.

Speculation Time!

Of course, given that Caldwell was produced just months after investigators suddenly terminated contact with Hiscox, I think it is fair to say that this matter is still unresolved to the satisfaction of this blogger. It sounded more like speculation on her part to me, though I don’t have much of an option in the matter but to trust that she has reason to trust that the investigative work of her colleagues is reliable. She is the one looking at all that paper work, not I.

Just never mind about how Hiscox stated in his own words in the linked February interview that he also feels there was a massive cover-up taking place. Also never mind the fact that investigators had another witness who corroborated Hiscox’s story the entire time that they had contact with him.

*Update: Brown himself has now aired details of his involvement in the Pickton investigation, specifically in relation to Caldwell as well, as a part of his civil claim for damages incurred by defamatory libel, in order to demonstrate that libelous claims linking him to both Caldwell and Pickton were false. A relevant quote containing these details is contained in this blog post.

Unsubstantiated Speculation

RCMP have also confirmed to me, directly, that they are following up on every lead they get, even if they quickly determine that the information they are being provided is unsubstantiated by the witness providing it. Obviously, in cases of unsubstantiated speculation, it is significantly slowing the investigative processes down (no wonder it took more than two weeks for the sex crimes unit to return my phone call — this happens during every investigation, no matter which unit). A lot of heinous rumours are circulating, and investigators are actually taking every one of them as seriously as they can. But when they are unable to substantiate the information they have been given — such as rumours that have been posted in the comments section of my first blog entry about this matter (e.g., which places Cpl. Brown in a geographic location he was never posted to during his entire career as an RCMP officer, and which depict him as operating under a completely different modus operandi than anyone who has known him personally has ever seen… details I found immediately too specific to put my full trust into), the investigators have no choice but to let it go.

Another harmful effect of unsubstantiated speculation, apart from the diversion of important resources, sometimes even away from credible information and sources, is the damage done to the credibility of those who provide those unsubstantiated speculations. I for one find myself receiving both credible information and unsubstantiated speculations through various means, which both have the power to unearth a well of repressed grief over my own history of past sexual trauma throughout my life. It undermines my capacity to trust anyone, in a time when perhaps what I need most is to know precisely who I can trust.

Blatant Misinformation

It has also been confirmed for me, multiple times already, that RCMP are aware of parties who appear to be doing nothing more than meddling in the investigations, introducing blatant misinformation in an attempt to steer the investigations in a particular direction or to smear the credibility of select witnesses. And despite speculations that RCMP have not been in contact with these parties, it has been confirmed for me that they have. While the details of these interactions with RCMP are not being shared with me, the context in the conversation during which these parties are being introduced — either in name or in reference to their actions, and either by myself or the officer with whom I spoke in these conversations — makes it clear as day who is trying to meddle (either for attention and/or to lash out against others for perceived/actual prior transgressions) and who is helping move these investigations forward by cooperatively providing credible information.

Condescending Time!

While I dare not speak on behalf of the RCMP, or put words in the mouth of an officer who I will not identify by name in this writing, I will be so bold as to state that giving blatant misinformation is no way to gain the respect of investigators. Behaving as though one has something to hide (when in fact, this is just an obvious bluff) does nothing to convey credibility, either. Nor does speaking as though one is being coached by the very person under investigation.

Beyond Critical Mass: What Happens Next?

What will being to happen immediately as the already heightened emotions continue to percolate and spill out beyond critical mass, is that those who have provided blatant misinformation will be shown for the manipulative, malicious, callous, and incredibly foolish people they are. It’s already happening as I write this. As they make their egocentric motives increasingly transparent, they anger other people who refuse to be taken down to this high school mentality in the middle of a series of intersecting criminal investigations.

With enough time, and as enough credible information emerges, those who have paraded their egos about have already long ago begun a chain reaction that will ultimately bring them to justice, and one by one, they will surely fall by their own swords. While investigators are struggling to determine what involvement — if any — the most arrogant figures under investigation have with suspected criminal activities ranging from disturbing to heinous, history has taught us over and over again that it was Narcissus’ ego that sealed his fate.

As for all of us who have brought forward either credible information and/or unsubstantiated speculation, I have little doubt that few will ever trust any of us again if we did not have an established trust base prior to the opening of this entire saga. It’s a risk we all knew we were taking, and we took it anyway, because we are motivated by a need for justice, rather than guilt or ego. One thing is for sure: it’s been a learning experience unlike any other, and I have little doubt it will continue to challenge me until these matters are resolved.

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