Pro-Choice Politics / Time-specific

Radical Handmaids Rally Against M-312

Today was a brilliantly sunny day, and women gathered for a press conference and rally to speak out against Motion 312, which seeks to redefine personhood prior to the completion of the birthing process. They said “The Handmaid’s Tale was supposed to be fiction”, and yet every day, the constant threat to women’s rights is pushing … Continue reading

Emotionally Present / Lived Experience/Memoir / RCMP Investigations / Time-specific

Project E-Norther, Redacted Version

The BC Civil Liberties Association and media have successfully gotten the contents of a sealed warrant released, with a number of people’s names and testimony blacked out throughout its length. Sure enough, the warrant was in relation to Cpl. Jim Brown, and a series of misconduct investigations, as well as multiple criminal investigations to which … Continue reading