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Anti-Misogynist Action: Day 132

Today, as expected, the extremely contentious Motion 312  (a proposal to reopen the personhood debate in parliament) was voted down. While the final hour of the hearing was going on in one end of the country, I was standing alone outside in the other end of the country, adjacent to six lanes of traffic, holding a box full of free condoms in one hand and a sign that reads “LIFE BEGINS AT ERECTION: citizenship for sperm (PRO-CHOICE means options)” in the other. It suffices to say that I was pleased to come home to the good news, however many ironic and depressing details there are just beneath the surface. Such as this gem:

Read about it on the CBC’s website.

Or how about the fact that a third of parliament found it acceptable to open up the debate and voted in favour of it?

This is why Occupy and the Casseroles were happening. Between voter apathy and barriers to higher education, people who can’t comprehend the repercussions of allowing this debate to open in our corrupt parliament are successfully campaigning to convince an entire goddamned third of Canadian parliament to represent the inherently misogynist interests of a mere 6% of the country’s population. As I stated in the press release I wrote about Motion 312, 40 Days For Life picketing the women’s hospital, and the misogynist tactics being deployed by anti-choicers at a weekly abortion clinic picket; a recent Ipsos Reid survey found that only 6% of Canadians would support an outright ban on abortion, which most certainly would be the outcome of re-defining personhood in this country. Don’t kid yourselves. Never mind the part about election fraud and targeted robocalls in the last election, or the fact that this proposal went to vote even though our illegally elected Prime Minister explicitly stated that he’s against opening this very debate: the abortion debate.

R.I.P. Democracy

Woodworth is known for having argued that it’s absurd that a baby isn’t legally a person if so much as their pinky toe is still in the birth canal. Well isn’t that interesting of you to say, Mr. Woodworth! When was the last time in the entire history of humanity that a newborn infant was delivered Krazy-glued to its mother’s vaginal threshold by its pinky toe? This is a man whose capacity for critical thought is so clearly impaired that he should be deemed unfit for duty as a politician and immediately dismissed. Not unlike how women’s rights groups are now demanding Ambrose’s resignation. Neither can fulfill the duty of speaking for anyone but those who already subscribe to the same set of beliefs as they subjectively entertain, and as I’ve already stated, that is a marked minority. Neither should be permitted the privilege of speaking exclusively for that 6%, while the concerns and voices of a 94% majority aren’t even a passing thought between their two brains. This is not a democracy.

As For The 6% Of You

I’m not going to tell you what to think, but I am going to tell you that what you think is ignorant, ill-informed, and extremely problematic for 94% of the country. I’ve taken a lot of time to listen to a lot of you, and I consider it generous, given that I’ve spent more time listening to 6% of you than any of you have spent listening to the other 94% of us. I’ve seen your abortion porn, I’ve even contained my anger when one of you told me to my face that conception from rape and incest is equally valid as conception from consensual sex, and should be equally protected — not by the survivor’s conscience, but by federal law. I’ve kept myself legally contained (though not vocally), as many of you air your hatred towards women into the streets of my city. I’ve caught you attempting to derail the process of productive conversation a thousand times between us already, and I’ve re-asserted, hundreds of times, what you refuse to answer to. I’ve seen the tears stream down your face as you begin to realize a portrait of my very justifiable anger towards your many very illegitimate convictions. I’ve continued shouting into your back as you’ve all walked away from me, because you refuse to answer why women don’t deserve legal rights while people who have yet to even exist do.

Get a goddamned education. If you think prayer will change people, then do it in private, where we won’t interrupt you with our righteous fury; instead of praying directly outside abortion clinics behind high-priced banners. Certainly you’ll be more effective, assuming prayer does anything other than make you feel better about yourself, if we’re not routinely interrupting you and interfering.

Take a cold hard look at your priorities. If you think abortion is so terrible, why don’t you pray for an end to all unwanted pregnancies? You could pass out condoms and sex-positive education materials, and promote a proactive attitude for the sexual and reproductive health of at-risk communities and individuals, instead of shaming them for their ignorance and misinformed attitudes towards sex. Certainly abortion would come to an end if people were taught to respect their bodies (and themselves), to value positive consent (instead of assuming that lack of no is the same as an ambitious yes), and to see sex as a beautiful gift and something to be cherished (rather than a temptation, a vexation, and a filthy sin to be reviled).

Take a step back and seriously reconsider your tactics. If you think you’re going to be taken seriously by printing 5-foot-tall depictions of abortion porn, you’re wrong. It’s not going to change people. It’s going to incense them and solidify their resolve in opposition to you. It’s not going to “wear them down”. It’s going to make them rise up and revolt against you. If you think you’re going to be taken seriously by declaring that you think all life is sacred — with special emphasis on the “pre-born” — and then campaigning against women’s rights, you’re wrong. It’s not going to change people. It’s going to incense them and solidify their resolve in opposition to you. It’s not going to “wear them down”. It’s going to make them rise up and revolt against you.

Is this starting to sound like a familiar pattern? It should by now. You’ve made a life-long (political) enemy of me, that’s for certain. I hope your “allies” help you sleep at night, because I won’t.

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