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Good-Bye, M-312 (Hello, M-408)

So, now that two thirds of parliament has declared that it doesn’t wish to restrict the reproductive autonomy of Canadian women as a whole, some other dickshit white guy Conservative MP now wants to meddle with the collective female reproductive organs of South Korean and Indian immigrants, to tell them how to have their own babies. Great. That’s just fucking precious.

Fuck you, Mark Warawa

Apparently Canadian parliament hasn’t yet been doing enough to undermine whatever autonomy racialized women immigrating to this country might even hope to barely enjoy. Between the Indian Act (which reduces status aboriginal women to the intellectual capacity of infants, in addition to stripping their status away); the Live-In Caregiver Program (which exploits hopeful Filipino immigrant women through would-be-illegal wage-slavery in exchange for Canadian citizenship); at least two recent attempts by the colonial government to wholly ban niqabs, burqas, and other facial veils worn by Muslim women (one of which successfully forbid them during the final swearing of the oath citizenship ceremony); and arbitrarily denying access to basic healthcare for refugees depending on which country they originate from (generally, if it’s a Middle Eastern country, thou art royally fucked now — thanks, Queen E! — especially considering existing systematic deprivation of basic healthcare for women in many countries around the globe, including many Middle Eastern countries); the racist principles on which Canada’s colonial government  is built upon are very rapidly becoming glaringly obvious, even to the oblivious. There’s already such a long list of reasons for calling it KKKanada. I guess this guy’s thinking is something to the effect of why not add another one, amirite?

About Mark Warawa’s responsibilities to the colonial government for a moment: he is to Korean-Canadians who Rona Ambrose is to Canadian women. He is the director of Canada-Korea Parliamentary Group (among a couple others). That’s direct from his own website. And from his press release announcing the proposal of Motion 408, he believes that giving the colonial government the power to meddle with a visible minority of racialized women’s reproductive organs will be a step in ending systemic gender inequality. I assume he believes men get the shit end of that stick, because otherwise this doesn’t make any sense at all. Here’s the direct quote:

With hidden cameras, the CBC visited 22 private ultrasound clinics in Canada. They found that most of these clinics allowed ultrasounds to tell the sex of the baby so that the parents could choose to terminate the pregnancy if the unborn child was a female.

Unequivocal condemnation from Parliament will send a strong message that will help to bring an end to this form of gender discrimination in Canada.

[emphasis mine]

You know what’s just egregiously ironic about your statement, Mark? Immigrants from South Korea and India aren’t the type to go to the high end of a two-tiered healthcare system for a fucking ultrasound. As a member of parliament whose political duty it is, in part, to look out for the best interests of at least one of those communities, you should know this already. And secondly, have you ever stepped into a doctor’s office during the pregnancy of any woman who has been close to you (certainly you’ve never been pregnant)? Sex-determination is standard protocol. It is part of the information that is observed and recorded during every obstetric ultrasound from the 13th week (sometimes even from the 11th or 12th week). Sex-determination isn’t conducted by the patient herself, contrary to what your press release suggests, by directly enquiring with either a video monitor or sonograph of her obstetric ultrasound. An ultrasound technician might blurt it out occasionally (even though they aren’t supposed to); but it’s a radiologist interpreting films and video capture, and dictating what is written in the letter that is sent back to the patient’s primary physician. I learned all of this working for a family doctor who provided prenatal care for her patients up to the beginning of the sixth month.

And finally, Mark, anyone with two working brain cells knows why you’ve proposed this motion. You want to cash in Korean and Indian women’s rights in exchange for the rights of individuals who, by your very own anti-choice rhetoric, don’t even exist yet. And we all know that this isn’t the last step for you — no, you wouldn’t be satisfied until you’ve cashed in all women’s rights in this country. Nothing says “end gender discrimination” or “protect life” like taking women’s rights away and condemning them to taking enormous risks with their immediate well-being, future fertility, and their very lives, because you’ve taken all their other options away in an extravagant gesture to tell them (how) to have children. And what incensed you to propose this motion? But a single study that merely suggested that Indian and South Korean women are having sex-selective abortions.

Where ever you got the stat you cite from — that 92% of Canadians think sex-selective abortions should be illegal — better have come from a fucking meta-study; not from Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform. You’re telling people of this country that 92% of its citizens think that women who have an abortion when they find out they’re pregnant with a female should be thrown in prison. Well that must have been a fucking magic trick of intellectual dishonesty and shoddy question-framing, considering that, again, Ispos Reid recently declared that 49% of Canadians think abortion should remain completely unrestricted, and an additional 94% of Canadians think abortion should remain an option in at least some circumstances. You do realize that believing something is unethical or problematic is not the same as believing that thing should be punishable by deportation and/or imprisonment, right? Was that distinction even made in the framing of the question? Where’d your stat come from, Mark?

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