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Violence Against Women & The “Pro-Life” Popularity Contest

It is with absolutely zero respect that I paraphrase the following statement recently blogged on the “unmaskingchoice” website, with regards to the recent news about Malala Yousafzai‘s assassination attempt by the Taliban. The anti-choice blog declared, in a statement in its article about this 14-year-old education activist’s very recent tragedy, something to the effect of “women need to stop fooling themselves into believing that the right to access an abortion is a keystone of gender equality”.

Well, you know what, CCBR? That’s just abhorrent and disgusting. The entire country of Pakistan is praying, protesting, and/or enraged about this attack, as she is struggling for her very life in a hospital. Pakistan is a country in which most people are illiterate and don’t have access to drinking water; and a 14-year-old girl who dares to defy an international terrorist organization, by blogging about it and demanding the right to an education, is actually targeted for an assassination attempt.

What are you doing to help her — or anyone who is mourning for her — by co-opting her story for your popularity contest? The answer is nothing.

What are you doing, by writing that shit, to help women who are systematically deprived of equal access to healthcare in their home countries — most of whom are deprived of equal access to healthcare in this country, too, if they should arrive here as refugees now? The answer is nothing.

What are you doing to educate at-risk populations about preventing unwanted pregnancies, by turning this 14-year-old girl’s fight for her life into a speech about how the right to basic bodily autonomy is somehow irrelevant to eradicating systemic oppression against women? The answer is nothing.

And you know what? That last part is what really grates me, even more than the fact that you’ve attempted to turn the spotlight on yourself over a fucking assassination attempt on a 14-year-old girl, that has fuck-all to do with your politics — she was accused by the Taliban of promoting secular values, not your Catholic bullshit. If the right to decide what happens to my own body, instead of having that decision made for me by anyone else, is somehow irrelevant to liberating me from oppression, then just what the fuck do you think rape is? How about domestic violence? Why do you agree that these behaviours are heinous and criminal, if you don’t agree that deciding what happens to your own body is a basic human right that is inextricably linked to liberating an individual or group from systemic oppression?

I’m not a doctor, but I pretend to be one from my armchair in situations exactly like this. It is my professional opinion that you’re a bunch of fucking lunatics completely unstable people who would be self-endangering if there weren’t so many of you babysitting each other playing Activist together. Between this Co-Opt All The Things tactic and your preferred method of deliberately emotionally agitating with heavily manipulated graphic imagery and abortion porn videos, it’s truly a miracle that you’re not all being monitored by social justice organizations as a known hate movement. After all, every time you or Genocide Awareness Project plasters images of  concentration camps, ethnic cleansing, and lynchings all over postcards, posters, signs, and cube vans — up and down entire city blocks all across the country — I have to tell you if it isn’t apparent to you already: this is exactly what white supremacy hate groups do.

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