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Round Two: Cpl. Jim Brown (My Former Friend) Under Scrutiny Again In Mass Media

The CBC has released a new chapter in the Cpl. Jim Brown news story, in which it criticizes RCMP for what it alleges to be silencing of anyone who criticizes the force. Well, that is, anyone except for me. Though both  I and my blog are named — and my identity is not redacted in the vetted warrant against Grant Wakefield for suspicion of defamatory libel — and though I am intensely critical of RCMP (and really, just about everyone involved in all aspects of Project E-Norther), any mention of either me or my blog is rather conspicuously missing from the CBC’s story:

CBC National: RCMP allegations

And though the story also mentions private and public contact between Erotic Vancouver’s editor and the pseudonym alleged to have been used by Grant Wakefield, there is no mention of the contact I also received from the same person, which is publicly detailed (in as much detail as I can legally convey) on my blog: here (before the alleged raid), here (immediately after the alleged raid), and here (a few days later, after thinking long and hard about another phone call with RCMP). I also told RCMP about the contact I had received, during that phone call (which, really, was part of what prompted me to phone). I was given the impression that they knew exactly who I was talking about and what he had to say to me, but apart from pseudonyms and email addresses he had used, RCMP were not interested in any further detail. Instead, they were interested in telling me not to take what he has to say seriously, but given the nature of what he was sharing with me, that’s a tall order. As a person who has a lengthy and quite frankly awful history of sexual trauma and violence at the hands of people who actually are the way Cpl. Brown was being described in these emails, what this person was telling me was triggering a lot of repressed memories and emotions. The officer over the phone said she was sorry to hear that, and it wasn’t long before that conversation was over for all intents and purposes.

This reminds me of part of what happened during the Pickton investigation, of course, which Cpl. Brown has the notable distinction of being involved in (though his role is minimized as much as possible). RCMP were approached by a female witness who had first-hand information about what was taking place on the Pickton farm while women were disappearing there, prior to Bill Hiscox coming forward, but they dismissed her. Then Hiscox came forward, corroborating what their rejected female witness had already tried to tell them. But once Hiscox offered to wear a wire, RCMP answered him by telling him to stop harassing the female officer he had made all of a small handful of phone calls to. They stopped cooperating with him. Enter Cpl. Jim Brown, who has mysteriously produced a witness by the name of Ross Caldwell to corroborate everything Hiscox had provided statements about. To this day, no answers have ever been provided by either RCMP or Brown himself, concerning how this came to be and/or why the RCMP pretend that this was a “bit part” of the investigation — which they allowed to continue to go on for over three years while nearly two dozen women continued to go missing at the hands of the same serial killer. Buried in pieces on the farm. Including the half-sister of the man I was living with at the time Brown’s photos (and those of his doppelgang) aired on national news.

Update: Brown himself has now aired details of his involvement in the Pickton investigation, including specific information relating to the witness Ross Caldwell, as a part of his civil claim for damages incurred by defamatory libel. A relevant quote containing the details Brown has disclosed is contained in this post.

That blog post I just linked (above the block-quote), for the record, is what prompted RCMP to contact me for a statement, which not only corroborated claims by “Daniel Fawkes” that Brown had misused police computers and leaked sensitive information about police files — he disclosed confidential police file information to me on myself and two other people (neither of whom I knew) — but also apparently echoes the concerns of women in the RCMP who have accused Brown of workplace sexual harassment. What was already a fucking sorry mess in police files and the Missing Women’s Inquiry is now even more confusing, difficult to follow, and misleading, in the national limelight. And we have the CBC to thank for it.

Update: I believe the CBC is of the opinion that I am somehow linked to Grant Wakefield, because I have been very frank and honest about my interest and involvement in this case. But the CBC is wrong. Again.

5 thoughts on “Round Two: Cpl. Jim Brown (My Former Friend) Under Scrutiny Again In Mass Media

  1. Well all I can go by is my own personal interaction with Brown…

    Creepy and inappropriate behaviour in my personal opinion that leads one to logically conclude he is perfectly capable of worse behaviour.

    • Indeed. It’s almost as if you’re not convinced this is a “witch hunt”, and are legitimately concerned about just how much of the many defamatory claims that were published about him are actually true.

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  4. Hi, I’m Jon Woodward from CTV News — I’ve been looking into this story and have found some new information that I’d like to run by you. Would you mind e-mailing me at jwoodward[at]ctv.ca and we can eventually speak on the phone? Thanks, Jon

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