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An Open Letter To Unknown Female Model: Ignorance Is Not Lovely

The identity of the unknown female model in photos with Cpl. Jim Brown’s Doppelgang (aka Mr. Charles) has been LOLWHOOPS! revealed to me. I am not in the least bit surprised. Just disappointed.

I can fully appreciate how uncomfortable it must feel to be informed that the surviving brother of one of the Aboriginal women Pickton preyed upon and murdered in cold blood thought that the photos for which you posed were stills from a snuff video Pickton filmed while perpetrating the serial murder of 49 women. That this sentiment was shared among many of the surviving family members and their community members certainly must not bring peace or closure your way. I know I’ve occasionally vocalized a desire to participate in depicting something grim and unsettling, back when I was modelling. The differences between us, however, are monumental; starting with the fact that not only did you actually accomplish the feat of having such horrifying images photographed, but apparently you could barely maintain your composure through it (many people have maintained that you were clearly “enjoying” yourself in the photos).

I also cannot appreciate, empathize with, or respect a flat-out denial that the pictures for which you posed bear resemblance to what Pickton did to those women. Remember whose ancestral territories you walk upon every day, and acknowledge how, why, and where those before us died. Hold onto the memory of those 49 women, the ever-increasing number of aboriginal women disappearing from the Highway of Tears, and the perpetual genocide against indigenous peoples across this entire continent and beyond. When you’ve been doing that for at least as long as you’ve been in a relationship with the man who called me a “psycho blogger” in your defense, then try telling me you can’t see the resemblance.

Or did you miss the part where I repeatedly insisted that in fact there are multiple simultaneous investigations ongoing, and your former boyfriend and current peers thought I was off my fucking rocker for saying so while you all pretended that RCMP didn’t need to know that you are safe and alive?

I’m sure you’re already familiar with my long-ago established standpoint on this matter: that no one involved in arranging those photos would have agreed to do it if any one of you were aboriginal, or had at least a basic level of respect for aboriginal people. If you think you do have that respect despite what you did, think again. You’ve got a lot of work to do to show it for the first time, starting with a sincere apology and owning the fact that you made a mistake by participating in those photos — which stand as a testament to just how intensely ignorant the decision was, of who it would hurt and why.

I’d be lying to myself and to you if I tried to convince either of us that I don’t feel disgusted by what you’ve done — let alone who you’ve done it with. Taking the photos down isn’t going to make the mistake go away, either. The only thing you’ve done right is immediately asking your lawyer to contact RCMP on your behalf.

I’m not going to reveal your name to anyone. It’s up to you to take a stand, whether it’s to continue propping up your racial privilege or to subvert the ways your racial privilege contributed to this horrific display of ignorance.

I can’t say I have high expectations. I already made that mistake — before you posed for the photos.

3 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Unknown Female Model: Ignorance Is Not Lovely

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