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Towards a world where vulnerability is okay.

This article reaches a somewhat different conclusion than I just published about the social construction of masculinity. However, it’s well worth the read.

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Over on FreeThoughtBlogs, Crommunist wrote a post this morning about what happens when the (black) masculinity myth came into conflict with the intense storm of emotions that emerged for comedian Anthony Griffith as he was losing his baby daughter to cancer.

Go read the post. Go watch Anthony’s video. I’ll wait.

You back?

As Crommunist points out, Anthony’s story touches on so many facets of what it means to be a man, and more specifically a black man. The expectations. The isolation. The utter and complete dissonance between how he felt and how he was “supposed” to act. A man in the depths of pain. And shame.

Shame of having to worry about things like get his car repossessed and getting evicted.
Shame of feeling like his pain is indulgent when he’s “not the only one” losing a child.
Shame of not knowing what to do.
Shame of…

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