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Chief Spence Calls for Indian Act Chiefs to “Take Control” of Grassroots Movement

Originally posted on Warrior Publications:
by Zig Zag, Warrior Publications, Dec 30, 2012 Indian Act chief Theresa Spence at her Ottawa hunger strike. During a Dec 30 press conference on her 20th day of hunger striking, Attawapiskat chief Theresa Spence called on other Indian Act chiefs to take control of the grassroots movement, stating in…

End STI Stigma

Writing Against Stigma: Chlamydia, Herpes, & HPV (Human Papillomavirus)

A couple of days ago, I received email on behalf of someone who is in a committed, closed, and monogamous relationship, who had STI screening before engaging in intimate contact with their new partner(who had also had STI screening prior to their first encounter). Both partners came up clean, but recently, they have discovered that … Continue reading

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Idle No More: A Movement Of Unrest

Idle No More is a recent Twitter trend (#idlenomore) that started in just one woman’s home and spread like a prairie fire. But more than that, it is a nation-wide grassroots social justice movement for indigenous sovereignty and justice, that if ignored, will erupt like Mount St. Helens on December 21st. You can read more … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Born Whore:
I leave work around 5 on a steamy day in my favourite summer dress, hit the corner and as I try to cross, a guy in a silver car slows and makes friendly eye contact with me. With his hands he says “wanna get in?” I pause, confused for a…

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An Event I Never Thought I’d See For The Second Time

Trigger warning for detailed descriptions of an incident of domestic violence and strongly misogynistic language. — This morning, I was woken up by an obnoxiously loud television. In the past 48 hours, I have spent half that time in bed and still haven’t slept a full 8. I am living in a nightmare and can’t … Continue reading