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White People Anti-Racism Strategies

White People HQ

Since we created racism some white people have taken it upon ourselves to come up with new and creative solutions to racism.  The following list of solutions to racism is a result of the first ever whites-only anti-racism teach in. These strategies are under no circumstances to be used in tandem or as part of a larger scheme of social change.

  1. Patience – Soon we’ll all be mixed and it won’t matter
  2. Political Correctness – No one says anything racist and tah dah no racism.
  3. A T-shirt Campaign – Also buttons, ribbons and posters then a parade all with the slogan “Say no to racism”. Once the event is done so will be racism.
  4. White Feminism and White Marxism – Racism will be solved after non-white folks help us deal with our oppressions.
  5. Patience – Progress is inevitable.
  6. Legislation about Structural Racism – This lets white folks feel individually un-implicated…

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