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An Open Letter To Overly Concerned Whiteys

I know white privilege is confusing. Some of you remind me of how “racist” I’m being towards white people when I make generalizations about them to prove a point about white privilege. Others use me as their own personal punching bag to prove how racist they aren’t, while insisting that no person of colour can be or ever has been wrong about anything ever (I bet it makes them go a little flush when they get two people of colour into the same room, who wind up disagreeing on something — whatever is a Whitey to do?!)

I’ve pissed some of you off by bursting your bubble with the prickly side of my iguana nature, and then you’ve complained to me about how much your ass hurts, as if I’m supposed to care more about that than everything happening around us — including genocide, and a justice system that disproportionately impacts the same targeted population.

I’ve made some of you really mad by explaining that people of colour aren’t a hive mind.

I’ve found myself in many encounters with a totally fury white bro who just doesn’t seem to understand the concept of genocide, so he applies it to everything. That way he doesn’t have to conceptualize it, or how he directly benefits from it daily.

I’ve pissed even more of you off by stating that acknowledging racism isn’t the same as feeling guilty.

One person got mad at me for calling my own parents white trash, saying that this is racist—not only against my parents, but against all people of colour, too—and classist (you’re damn right it is, but all the material wealth in the world won’t take the racist, redneck, trailer trash hick personalities out my two parents… believe me, they’ve already tried it with my maternal grandparents’ entire life savings). He added that the “white” modifier is the reason why he said this (i.e., that it implies that “trash” is generally a racialized concept otherwise, but I guess I’m supposed to find my own evidence of this thing I’ve never heard of before, because he’s certainly not volunteering it). I would argue that the modifier in this term is the word “trash” because white people “aren’t supposed to be trailer trash”. White people are supposed to be “above that”. Poverty “isn’t supposed to happen” to white people. But I imagine no matter what I say, I’m still a racist for saying it at all, as far as he’s concerned.

I’ve been called an anti-white racist many times for saying that “reverse racism” isn’t a Thing. There is no systemic racism against white people.

Some of you have terminated contact with me because I said that while racism against people of colour is systemic and racism towards white people is between individuals, and thus, the two are in no way comparable, it seems you don’t think that it’s logically possible for a white person to experience racism — even the ones who stand up against it while other white people try to hammer them back down (this happens to me on a regular basis). Did you know, for instance, that white supremacists will simply refer to anyone within their own movement, who is not a dedicated white supremacist extremist, as a Jew, regardless of whether or not they actually are Jewish? Being a white person and effectively challenging white privilege produces a remarkably analogous result from other white people, who insist on clinging to their racial privilege. A phenomenon you might call white-on-white anti-white racism (which is ironically, what they are accusing me of doing).

…Now just imagine how that must feel if your ethnic heritage includes Jewish blood and a specific ethnic group whose name is used erroneously as a synonym for white people (i.e., Caucasian), as in my personal case.

Allow me to wax poetic about losing you as my so-called friends, over these and many other similar (and equally fucking ignorant) lines of bullshit.

O, cry me a river o’ white tears,
That I may baptise myself in privilege,
And stop being an anti-white racist,
Even toward my own reflection in the mirror.

Pour me a flute of White Whine,
Let me get drunk once again, of unfettered ignorance.

I know, none of that rhymes, and I have no sense of rhythm when writing poetry. Live with it. That’s all you’re getting.

6 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Overly Concerned Whiteys

  1. Fuck Attawapiskat chief Spence and her bullshit “fast”. Wow what a fucking hero. How about you get your financial house in order and do shit properly first before playing the martyr card.

    • That’s so generous of you, to spew your misdirected ignorance and hatred on this blog post that is so far removed from that specific historic event, that you just prove my point even more so by making it as personal as you possibly can.

  2. So true. I’ve been called a race traitor (among other things) many times for challenging white racism and privilege. Keep calling out the “whitey-tude” (white attitude)! :)

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