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500 Years – Re-Posted With Permission From Poet Earl Lambert

500 Years
By Earl Lambert

It started over five hundred years ago
Our ancestors met up with a world they had never known
They shook a hand to share lands but things didn’t go as planned
Still they moved forward in faith and went with the flow

120 million stood strong full of spirit and pride
Only taking from Mother Earth what they needed to survive
They didn’t question their own inherent way to be
And never expected the forthcoming tragedies

Over 90 million dead; men, women and children
Lost for the sake of a foreign dominion
It was the price they paid to world domination and greed
Forced into colonization and told to take heed

By the 20th century over a million had survived
With very few to keep our culture alive
With no children to teach, their tongues became weak
Lost in translation to what they were forced to speak

Then the policies came that put our culture underground
They couldn’t dance, sing, sweat or barely make a sound
Denied a human right to live the way they knew
Had their children scooped up and shipped out too

To kill the Indian inside was their sole objective
To make them see the world from their perspective
Forced to believe they were highly defective
But you know in life, they’ll only get back what they give

So the time has come to rise up and stand strong
To show the world that we all belong
We are all equal members of society
And our nation has a message for humanity

Let us all come together in one heart; one mind
Let love, respect and peace be our guides
We’ve learned from the past and what went wrong
Now we’ll move forward to the future standing strong!

Photo (from Facebook) by IsKwé Iskwé

Photo (from Facebook) by IsKwé Iskwé – Marching to Parliament Hill on January 11th, 2013

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