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Allies at What Cost?

A must read for white Settlers aching to be allies or already engaging in resistance alongside indigenous peoples. But especially for those white Settler allies who can’t (or won’t) distinguish between racism and colonialism (smells to me like a form of privilege-avoidance behaviour).


by Eric Ritskes

Andrea Smith begins her fascinating book Native Americans and the Christian Right: The Gendered Politics of Unlikely Alliances with this assertion:

We might want to take a closer look at whom we have identified as potential allies and whom we have written off as unreachable adversaries.

And with that she goes on to detail both cautionary and promising tales of unlikely alliances which redefine the political spectrum, opening up possibilities and illuminating avenues for potential allies to align with Indigenous movements.

With the rise of Idle No More around Turtle Island and globally, particularly in Canada, the question of allies has come up, as it tends to in all movements that coalesce around a particular shared identity.

Does Idle No More need non-Indigenous allies to ensure an Indigenous movement or revolution is successful? Is is true that together we can all go further? Is the task of…

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