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Hair Revisited: One Year Later

A little more than a year ago, I published this post about how my and everyone else’s relationships with my hair, my race (which isn’t nearly so simple as “I’m a white person!”), and my apparent social gender radically shifted overnight when I started shaving my hair clean off for a full year and a … Continue reading

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White Guilt Revisited: One Year Later

I wrote a year ago about how I feel about white people claiming to feel overwhelmed with guilt about winning the birth race lottery—spoiler: I thought “what a useless exercise” then—and I still find the subject matter resurfacing over and over again, with increasing frequency since the beginning of the indigenous nationhood movement. I will … Continue reading

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Idle No More, Copyrights, Trademarks, & Internalized Colonialism

Today, the rumour that the “Idle No More Four” (which used to be five women, back in December) were planning on copyrighting and/or trademarking the phrase “Idle No More” was confirmed. It’s done now, thus marking a definitive moment in indigenous resistance that all the real grassroots saw coming months ahead of time: indigenous people … Continue reading

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Counter-Protesting “Genocide Awareness Project” – Day Two

Today was International Women’s Day, which is what prompts the “Genocide Awareness Project” campaign to appear each year at a local university campus — that fact may very well change in future years, as hundreds of visitors, students, and instructors signed a petition to UBC to prohibit these obscene displays from appearing again. If you … Continue reading

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Counter-Protesting “Genocide Awareness Project” – Day One

A pro-life group presented the once-annual pet project of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform to a university campus today. The project itself is called “Genocide Awareness Project”, and directly equates abortion with the Nazi Holocaust, Cambodian killing fields, Black lynchings, the Wounded Knee Massacre, and Rwandan genocide. Graphic images of all of these events … Continue reading