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An Open Letter to Facebook

A male friend of mine came over one afternoon so he could pose for photos for me. In one set, I put him in a Danish military issue gas mask, and attached a chain leash to a collar he brought over. Though he was also wearing boxer briefs, that was it. I posted a picture of him like this on all fours, staring perplexed at a bowl of water on the floor beneath him, and Facebook removed that and warned me that if I post something like it again, I could be indefinitely banned.

I was also warned for a photo that I was in (I am assigned female at birth and was particularly femme in this photo), which had been up for several months at the time, before nudity was equated with pornography in the terms of service (there was a time when pornography was explicitly forbidden but nudity was not, because these two are not always the same). In the photo, I was nude with my back to my friend’s camera, kneeling on a bench with my back straightened as I looked out over the patio balcony. You could see my butt. The horrors I have shamefully inflicted upon some poor unsuspecting Facebook photo policy moderator. Surely, they must be scarred for life. I was banned for three days while I argued with them about the ambiguity of their terms of use.

Facebook also banned a woman who had posted a photo of herself FULLY CLAD (in a PVC dress, with her knees together). And temporarily banned another male friend of mine who was fully clad in his photo, in which he had run up behind his fully clad girlfriend as she bent over to pick something up off the floor, and an opportunist snapped a photo that looked like dry-humping.

Facebook has a serious problem even understanding its own rules.

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