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The Crimes Of Colonialism Sides With Deep Green Resistance

An elder directed me to this article today, in which a group called The Crimes Of Colonialism (hereby abbreviated as COC, pronounced “cock”, as in dickshit) publicly declares solidarity with Deep Green Resistance (DGR), with specific emphasis on DGR’s gender bashing standpoint: that trans and gender-diverse people don’t exist, on the basis that their gender identities are illegitimate. This is a position I personally have chosen to refer to as transdenialism, as opposed to transphobia. I also distinguish transphobia as an intense and irrational fear that one is being intentionally and maliciously “tricked” into thinking that a given person’s gender embodiment is aligned with their chromosomal sex, regardless of whether or not said individual is actually a trans person. Of course, I have no conflicting ideas about stating that DGR’s transdenialism is rooted in transphobia, but I do think it is still very important to treat these two ideologies as logically and politically distinct. The reason for this is that some people (e.g., especially lesbian separatist radical feminists) will be inclined to adopt a transdenialist ideology, not because they harbour a preconscious fear of of trans people in general, but because they are secretly but specifically terrified of being “accidentally” seduced by someone of the “wrong” genetic sex (i.e., transdenialism that is actually rooted in homophobia). For all I know, DGR’s transdenialism could be rooted in both transphobia and homophobia at once. Nevertheless, this entry is about COC validating it.

CAUTION: extremely controversial language ahead

COC Reduces All Women (But Not Men) To Their Genitalia

So how does COC validate DGR’s transdenialism? Well, they do so in part by essentially calling all who are born female a bunch of cunts. Allow me to elaborate further on this, starting with a quote from COC’s declaration of solidarity with DGR:

For the woman, the loss of a job entails the selling of the only commodity she has left; her vagina.

Yeah, that’s right. COC’s vision of systemic male violence means that while unemployed men are suddenly becoming business partners with Colombian drug lords, the only commodity women in the same economic position are left with is the ability to fuck anything that fits into their birth canals. This means that, contrary to reality, COC believes that not only does sex work not require any degree of intelligence or skill at all, but no woman would ever choose to engage in sex work unless she had been involuntarily stripped of all other options first (see what I did there? Stripped!) I guess all those law students who work as high-paid dominatrices, escorts, and strippers to circumvent cyclical dependence on student loan debt are really just pretty fucking stupid, huh. Then I wonder how exactly they got so good at acting like they were smart enough to go to law school in the first place!

Take my word for it about those law students putting themselves through school by engaging in sex work. Not only have I met them myself, but I’ve worked with (and even lived with) several of their former clients while I was engaged in sex work — work that I chose to engage in for nearly ten years, for several complex reasons that make me at least somewhat of a remarkable anomaly. I did sex work both while I was “unemployed” (at least on paper) and while I was earning the highest full-time salary I’ve ever received to date. I even did sex work while I was a post-secondary student, and disclosed this once-sensitive information about myself in writing for the first time ever in one of my assignments. I also decided that I needed to stop engaging in sex work when the time finally came for me to come out of the closet as an openly trans (and gender-fucking) queer once and for all (also during my post-secondary education, which I paid for with student loan debt), instead of continuing to exploit increasingly high-risk sex work to attempt to seal myself into an early grave. Yeah, that’s right. I was exploiting sex work, not the other way around. And here’s where the part about me being at least somewhat of a remarkable anomaly arises. I actively wanted to die (because living as the woman everyone else believed me to be was unbearable), not struggle day-to-day to survive by just barely scraping by on cheap tricks and a drug habit that suppressed my appetite. I also never did drugs or drank. They just don’t teach you this shit about the autonomy of most sex workers in RadFem School. Instead, they hurl random statistics in your face (like COC does in its writing) and teach you that all sex workers are powerless victims who are helplessly trapped and in need of being rescued.

Well, sorry-not-sorry, COC. But fuck that noise. I’m still alive today despite all the odds being stacked against me, and despite persistently being targeted by the several hundreds of sociopathic men (and women) I’ve rubbed shoulders with all my life, because I am and always have been a hell of a lot more than just what’s between my legs. I’m alive because I’m actually significantly smarter than people who have learned from an early age how to expertly manipulate, outsmart, fool, and blackmail people who are considered geniuses when they are graduating university as the world’s doctors, lawyers, police officers, and scientists. This particular kind of intelligence is extremely common among sex workers. This kind of experience — of being preyed upon persistently by people who are  not only acutely aware of other people’s vulnerabilities, but who also know exactly how and when to manipulate and exploit them — is also extremely common among trans people and people who have experienced severe early childhood trauma (among whom you can count me too). You can go on pretending that we’re all just powerless victims needing a RadFem in shining armour to come along and save us, but I think you’ll be surprised when you directly experience being outsmarted by one of us. That is, assuming they even keep you around for long enough to reveal this side of themselves to you. They very likely won’t, and I’m fairly certain if the reason why isn’t yet obvious in this post, I’ve also already covered the reasons why in my previous entry.

COC Tries To Play Geneticist — And Fails

COC also believes that DGR’s comparison between race and gender, in the sense that they are both socially constructed, was particularly astute. Dedicating a few paragraphs and a couple of citations to address the biological basis of skin colour but not race, COC tries to drop what’s usually called a truthbomb:

Six genes out of 30 to 40,000 genes that make us human, determine the color of our skin. Something that can seem so important, so relevant, so determinant of whole historical events, is in reality, a non-factor. Whole economic systems, wars, and even spiritualities have been developed on the basis of, or developed off of the perceived color of one’s skin.

The article, published by Fox News titled Biologically Speaking, Race Doesn’t Exist, continued to say:

“Black, white, Asian—all are artificial, really. A black man and a white man from Manhattan, for example, are likely to be more genetically similar than a black man from Manhattan and a black man from Nigeria.” (2)

“Artificial”, that is to say, socially-constructed. If race is socially-constructed, as the biological as well as historical evidence seems to suggest so overwhelmingly, that must mean that it is the result of a certain society, or rather, specific societies that are connected historically and structurally to one another.

(emphasis in bold is added)

Well, at least they tried anyway. First, I’d like to cite some quick facts about the human genome. To quote this article from over three years ago, which suggests that endogenized retroviruses in human DNA is responsible for psychiatric illnesses, “[r]esearchers have known since 2001 that 8 percent of human genetic material is derived from retroviruses.” Let’s just say the number of genes on a human genome is a nice round 30,000, even though I’ve previously done the math on this when my face was buried in a biology textbook for several hours a day and happen to know it’s more like 34,440. That 8% accounts for 2,400 genes. As I’m writing this, I suddenly find myself wondering how many of those genes it takes to cause someone to think that women are just their cunts.

There’s also a meaningful distinction to be made between coding DNA and non-coding DNA. Unfortunately, neither COC’s Fox News citation nor the article I just cited seems to acknowledge which kinds of genes they are talking about, so we can’t be sure how reliable their conclusions and correlations even are. How useless. According to this Wikipedia entry, only around 2% of the human genome, or 600 genes if we’re using nice round numbers, is actively expressed — meaning those 6 genes that COC pontificates about are actually pretty fucking important in the overall scheme of a human being. Whereas COC would have you believe that the social construction of race is only in relation to skin colour alone (a narrative only a white person could believe), and that a piddly 0.00015-0.0002% of the human genome is responsible for all the world’s problems of inequality throughout history; in actual fact, skin colour alone is often not the sole basis for racism, and yet constitutes a full 1% of human DNA (if we’re still using nice round numbers). That’s an increase in scale of 5,000 times what COC was initially painting.

Furthermore, COC citing Fox News indicates that COC hasn’t the foggiest fucking clue how genes actually work. Some genes are dominant while others are recessive. That’s a fair start. But many — if not all — genes are functionally interdependent, in that the function of dominant genes can be deactivated when functionally interdependent genes are activated or deactivated. The function of recessive genes can also be activated via the same mechanisms. The genes that express skin colour do not exist in a magical vacuum where no other genes are functionally interdependent. This is arguably one of several reasons why different ethnic groups tend to share distinctive physiological features; such as bone structure, eye colour and eye shape, hair colour and hair texture, overall physique, bone density, general metabolic trends, certain kinds of immunity or vulnerability to different illnesses, and general trends in reproductive capacity; and even rather curious medical observations such as whether or not people of a particular ethnic/racial group will test positive for tuberculosis during certain screening tests, regardless of whether or not they have ever been exposed to it. But a person’s environment, which includes the entire duration of their prenatal life, their diet and other stresses, and even the very body they live in, can also activate or deactivate different genes. That’s right. Whether or not your Mum drank or had the flu while she was pregnant with you, what you eat every day for breakfast, or even what you were doing right up until you started reading this blog post, can change or determine just as much about you as what your DNA supposedly says should have happened.

But I’d also like to address yet another point about genetics, and that is, in the spirit of uselessly posturing about genetics and things that are socially constructed, exactly how unimportant genes are to chromosomal sex, or phenotypic sex. According to this Wikipedia article, chromosomal sex is determined by which type of chromosomes your individual DNA is composed of; a human X-chromosome representing some 2,000 genes and a human Y-chromosome representing a mere 78. That is to say, human females typically have 1,922 more genes (or if we’re still sticking to 30,000 genes total, about 6%) than human males. But wait! That’s not the end of it. The article states that “the X chromosome carries a couple of thousand genes but few, if any, of these have anything to do directly with sex determination.” See how much fun trying to play geneticist is?! Believe me, it’s even more fun making fun of people who have no idea what they were talking about when they used Fox News as a citation. Additionally, in XX-chromosomal individuals such as myself, different parts of each chromosome will be active or inactive from one cell to the next (except in ova, which have only one chromosome each by the time they are released from the ovary), throughout our entire bodies. There are also several known genetic anomalies which cause ambiguous sexual phenotypes based in part on the medical classification of the shape of one’s genitalia and accompanying presence/absence of expected reproductive organs, which in some cases is not observable at birth but suddenly begins to change at the onset of gonadarche — some estimates for the frequency of intersex births (i.e., sexually ambiguous persons in medical terms) are around 0.2% of the population at any given time.

The take-home point here really is that “genetic basis” arguments are fucking stupid and meaningless when we were actually talking about things being socially constructed the entire time. As much as genetics play a causal role in determination of biological features associated with race and gender, talking about them as if one was some sort of an expert plays a causal role in determining just how well-informed or plain fucking stupid and arrogant one really is. Not to mention that two settlers living in North America are likely to have more in common genetically, regardless of their race/ethnicity, with each other than the darker-skinned between them has with a random guy hanging out in Nigeria, precisely because of fucking crimes of colonialism. Dumbasses. Moving on.

COC Reduces All Transwomen To Eunuchs And All Women To Their Cunts (Again)

COC wraps up their own article with a rather self-congratulatory and completely unexamined self-citation:

I believe that, if we are to define woman in society as a sex class, we cannot call transgender individuals who “identify” as women to be womenAs I said in my article Does Gender Dysphoria need to be ‘Cured’?:

“The ‘sex change’ surgery is faulty advertising. It does not produce what it advertises it produces. It does not, in actuality, change one’s biological sex. To say it does is dishonest. A man who transitions into “womanhood” does not menstruate. They do not endure menopause. They lack the internal organs to become pregnant. Their chromosomes cannot change from female to male. The ‘sex change’ surgery itself is an offensive on the bodies of transgender people. It sterilizes their castrated bodies, leaving them only with a mutilated penis, designed for penetrative intercourse. Going back to the original question, “does a ‘sex change’ surgery really change the biological sex of the transgender person?”, the answer depends upon the definition of what a woman is. If a woman is defined by her penetrability, then the answer is yes. If woman is to be defined by her place in society, by her biology and it’s relationship to society, the answer is no.”

Wow, COC. Way to really pile-drive the social construction of femininity home, with a direct contradiction of virtually everything feminism is fighting against. First of all, in medicine, when a person is born, they are not given a chromosomal examination to determine or validate their medical sex; rather, they are assigned a sex. For instance, I was assigned to the female sex at birth. If I were to pursue my current transition to constant gender-fuckery to a maximum emphasis on masculinity, which would involve becoming permanently sterilized, I would be assigned to the male sex after a full hysterectomy. This is what is being “promised” by the term “sex change” or “sex reassignment”. It’s purely medico-legal bullshit, and never has been nor ever will be the empty promise of a change in one’s chromosomal sex. That medico-legal bullshit is still actually pretty fucking important to some people, largely because of the ill-informed transdenialist rantings of radical feminists, the equally ill-informed transdenialism of conservative political platforms, and the transdenialism embedded systemically throughout the entire law enforcement, criminal justice, and citizenship systems of colonial state powers across the world; which all serve to invalidate trans people’s identities, thus creating several unnecessary but dramatically increased risks towards trans people on both sides of the law.

But what’s just as important in the passage quoted above is the utterly rampant bioessentialism that has historically played a keystone role in the social subjugation of women. Women aren’t just their cunts, yet dressing this belief up as women having a vague “relationship to society” that apparently obligates them to become fertilized and repeatedly give birth throughout their child-bearing years does nothing to change the fact that for the second time in the same article, women have been reduced to just their cunts. This is exactly why women have been oppressed throughout history, and why women are still fighting for the right to control their own fertility, even a hundred years after they finally took the right to vote (at least in the case of the white ones). The passage quoted above is the antithesis of any and all ideology that seeks to liberate women from oppression. In fact, it’s better aligned for “men’s rights” activism. Speaking of which…

COC Flip-Flops On Their Definition Of Violence

It seems to me that a group that fails to understand violence against trans people outside the very extremes of direct and concrete expression of violence, has fundamentally failed in its ability to understand what violence is. This is exactly what COC has done, while whining in the same article about being yelled at and receiving papercuts while interfering with people aggressively taking their pamphlets from them. Boo fucking hoo. You know what’s more violent than getting yelled at? Being followed into the washroom by several people deliberately attempting to intimidate and antagonize you. Or how about being grabbed by the arm by security immediately outside that public washroom? How about hearing someone bang on the door to the toilet marked “Men” so loud that you thought they were going to break the fucking thing down until you heard them announcing to the entire place that “there’s a chick in the men’s washroom”, so you held the door shut with your left arm until you were finished taking a piss? What about someone who is on your street daily, threatening to “smash your fucking head in” because they figured your tits are fake but you told them they aren’t? What about someone directly trying to kill you by grabbing you by the neck and strangling you, and then advising the cops not to trust you because you’re “a transsexual”? While the first two events happened to two transwomen I am acquainted with, the rest of this has happened to me. That’s just in the last two years, for fuck’s sake. That’s to say nothing about systemic violence against trans people, or the heinous violence I have been subjected to, that has more or less characterized my life over the entire course of my existence on this planet.

You don’t see me whining about the spit that strikes my face in a street protest against pro-lifers when people are yelling at me. Why the fuck are you getting your ruffle panties in a twist over incensed trans and queer people getting up in your face after the shit you’ve said about them and their allies? I’m not really asking, because I already know the answer. You think they are in no way entitled to be outraged, yet can’t conceive of how desiring their permanent erasure is inherently violent. Sorry-not-sorry again, COC (and you too, DGR), but fuck that noise. Maybe what you really need to focus on in your analyses of these situations is words like aggression, confrontation, and hostility. If you expanded your vocabulary to meet the needs of your selectively expanded definitions of “violence”, then you might actually sound like you knew what you were talking about for a change. But when all you’ve got is someone tossing glitter on you, and you call that an assault, you come off like a bunch of dim-witted whiners. But I guess even if you worked on that, you’d still have to fix that transdenialism issue, so maybe just don’t even bother. Instead, you could be doing all of us a big favour by just shutting the fuck up forever.

6 thoughts on “The Crimes Of Colonialism Sides With Deep Green Resistance

      • He was a facebook “friend” of mine until about maybe two weeks ago when i noticed he was starting to spew this kind of transdenialist nonsense. Several other people i know likewise also cut contact with him.

        He always described CoC as “my site” right up until he put out this statement, and now all of a sudden he is a group. Sounds to me like someone is trying to jump on a bandwagon, albeit one that is on fire and heading down hill towards a pier…

  1. So, judging from the definition of how transwomen are not women quoted above, I assume CoC also believes that a female who through injury or illness never gained the ability to reproduce, or has had a hysterectomy for medical reasons, is no longer a woman? Because, apparantly, the social category of being a woman is entirely defined by your ability to bleed once a month until some man knocks you up (or you experience menopause)..

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