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Why I’m Not Anti-Theist Revisited: One Year Later

Last April, I wrote this entry about why I’m not anti-theist. In that piece of writing, I essentially argue that anti-theism is a dogmatic view of the world that denies its own nature as dogma, denies itself doubt, and promotes cultural imperialism. These are three damning strikes against my core principles as a human being … Continue reading

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Counter-Protesting SlutWalk Vancouver 2013: Yes, You’re Racist

Today, a few dozen white women gathered (on the occupied ancestral territories of the Coast Salish peoples) in front of a painted banner that read “SlutWalk Vancouver” to take a stand against slut-shaming and rape culture in general — without acknowledging that for many women of colour, this shared experience has no roots in how … Continue reading

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Canadian Colonialism: The Attawapiskat Humanitarian Crisis – an Example of Continuing Oppression and Genocide by Canadian Government

Originally posted on Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement Ottawa:
source: Setting the Context: It’s all about the land In a harsh and regressive display of colonial paternalism, the Canadian government has used the acute housing crisis in Attawapiskat, a Northern Ontario Cree First Nation, to deny the community’s inherent right to handle its own affairs.…