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Miley Cyrus Trying To Racialize Herself: Minstrel or Thief?

I am a white gender-ambiguous person who was assigned to the female sex at birth, and who has experienced an utterly horrendous amount of violence (especially sexual violence) over my relatively short lifetime. That being said, I am not and will never be a Black woman, and as such, will always be missing part of … Continue reading

Decolonization / Race/Ethnicity

A Brigade Too Far: The Cost Of Diluting Cultural Appropriation

I came across the term “Cultural Appropriation Brigade” yesterday in a piece of writing that, while erroneously attributing “cultural appropriation” to the manner in which cultures evolve, is nevertheless an important perspective to read, and one with which I ally myself. In fact, what this writer was referring to is called cultural syncretism. While all … Continue reading


An Example Of White Optics On Cultural Appropriation: Whiteys & Dreads

For about the past year or so, I’ve been witness to a gradually increasing number of white people getting steadily angrier about cultural appropriation — or at least what they think cultural appropriation is. Here’s an example of a failure to communicate to other white people, what the designer of this poster apparently can’t even … Continue reading


The Privilege Of Tolerance

Russia recently passed an explicitly anti-gay law, under pressure from an anti-gay advocacy group equivalent to the Westboro Baptist Church or Real Women of Canada (who, in case you aren’t familiar, argued to Canadian parliament that all transgendered people are crossdressing pedophiles preying upon vulnerable children in women’s bathrooms). As a result of Russia’s new law, which … Continue reading

Personal Is Political

Lateral Aggression, Lateral Violence, & Sympathetic Anger – A Deeper Understanding Of Privilege

White people and settlers invested in anti-racism and anti-colonialism, and men invested in feminism, need to learn some really important lessons about dealing with their anger before they can claim to understand their social privileges. This blog entry will deal with three specific phenomena that manifest entirely out of misdirected anger: lateral aggression, lateral violence, … Continue reading

Decolonization / Personal Is Political

West To North: The Story Of A Half A Metric Ton Of Beach Trash

Over the past four months, on average about once weekly, I personally have been descending the stairs at the edges of UBC campus in Vancouver, picking up as much trash as I can haul from between the North-facing beach (i.e., Acadia beach) and the West-facing beach (i.e., Wreck beach), and disposing of it in garbage … Continue reading