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The Person’s Case, Rapechants and Consequences

Originally posted on intersectionelle:
by Sasha Wiley The case of Edwards v. Canada (Attorney General) was decided in 1929, after going through what was at that time the highest court with jurisdiction in Canada, Britain’s Juridical Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC). Those who aren’t Canadian legal history buffs most likely know that case as…


3 Things Non-Aboriginal Canadians Need To Hear About Residential Schools

If you are a non-aboriginal Canadian, you need to hear some things about residential schools. Perhaps you have just heard of residential schools or have even known of them for a long time, but don’t understand why aboriginal people don’t just get over it already. Maybe you even think they deserved it, or that someone … Continue reading

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I’m Not A Victim Either, Just Because I Have Trauma Triggers

Trigger warning for discussion of pedophilia, rape, pedophilia apologism, rape apologism, domestic violence, and misogynist slurs. I’ve been spending a lot of time in dark places of my own past lately, and absolutely none of this has been ameliorated by Bro Dawks publicly making excuses to sweep certain “degrees” of pedophilia under the rug (obvious trigger … Continue reading

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When Oppression Isn’t Linear: Analysis Of A Microcosm

Just moments ago, I witnessed something really weird. Earlier today, an announcement was made that Dr. Bernice King will be speaking at an upcoming reconciliation event hosted in Vancouver. This is especially remarkable because she is the daughter of renowned civil rights movement leader, Dr. Martin Luther King. This is what I would describe as … Continue reading

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Don’t Go In There! Talking about Race, Racism, and Race Issues in the time of the Zombie Apocalypse

Originally posted on Crommunist:
Horror films are a wonderful source of escapism, where we can feel the thrill of terror in the relative safety of our living rooms or a crowded movie theatre. One of the all-time classics within the horror genre is the zombie movie: hordes of shuffling, shambling atrocities hell-bent on devouring the…