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When Men on the Left Refuse to See Their Sexism

Originally posted on Muslim Reverie:
TRIGGER WARNING: This post cites examples of misogynistic language, gender slurs, sexual objectification, and other forms of sexist oppression. A couple of weeks ago, I came across an article on Vice that was oddly titled, “You’re a Pussy If You Think There’s a War on Men.” It seemed clear that…

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Khelsilem Rivers: Colonialism, not Stephen Harper, is the enemy

Originally posted on Warrior Publications:
by Khelsilem Rivers, The Georgia Straight, Nov 14, 2013 Harper wearing headdress supplied by Blood band council, 2011. Colonists write the rules on how we are governed, and how we are supposed to resist their control is outlined within these rules —rules that provide a misdirected sense of security and…