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When Men on the Left Refuse to See Their Sexism

Muslim Reverie


TRIGGER WARNING: This post cites examples of misogynistic language, gender slurs, sexual objectification, and other forms of sexist oppression.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across an article on Vice that was oddly titled, “You’re a Pussy If You Think There’s a War on Men.” It seemed clear that the author, Harry Cheadle, was referring to an awful “reverse sexist” and anti-feminist article about “The War on Men,” which asserts that women are to blame for the “dearth of good men” and must “surrender to their nature” while letting “men surrender to theirs.” Cheadle writes in defense of feminism and exposes the absurdity of claiming that men are “oppressed” by women. While I agree with his arguments that men need to stop blaming and fearing women, the sexist use of the word “pussy” in his title couldn’t be overlooked. After a brief conversation with friends who also found it…

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3 thoughts on “When Men on the Left Refuse to See Their Sexism

  1. In the thousands of years we lived freely under our now destroyed matriarch societies and governments we never experienced any male uprisings against the women who led us, I wonder why?

      • Indeed, our grandmothers, we are supposed to believe, are potentially evil and harmful creatures whom we should all beware of. AS IF? Mine loved everyone male and female unconditionally and equally, but that was apparently quite unhealthy and has to be obliterated.

        This us and them sex war which I have observed I cannot comprehend simply because as a human being I am capable of producing and have the responsibility for caring for children of both sexes and couldn’t hate my daughters or my sons, it is unnatural.

        Feminists I understand why they fight, they have been put in a position to have to fight the oppression they are being subjected to, but I will never understand misogyny. It is an unhealthy concept that does harm, hating, mistrusting and destroying the people you need to help and support you in your journey, the people who give you comfort, affection and care, the people you need to help you produce and nurture your children.

        Penalizing people for making the poor choice of being born as the unfavoured sex is as stupid as poisoning the soil, water and air you require to survive would be. The superior species being so superior certainly know better than to do anything as foolish as that.

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