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#Solidarity Fail: Cops and Collaborators Conspire to Isolate Warriors at Vancouver Protest

I was attending the Casseroles rallies briefly last summer before they began to become really hostile, in part due to opportunists whose sole purpose is to disrupt the safety of all concerned, but also in part due to police grabbing and yanking people into city hall, where they were then locked inside.

We were doing no more than making noise with empty pots and cutlery.

The very first Casseroles rally that followed that one saw several people arrested without cause. One man was thrown into a holding cell in handcuffs and held overnight without being afforded the opportunity to sleep (officers banged on the door every ten minutes through the entire night until he was released), or remain warm enough with his hands behind his back on the cold pavement. A woman of colour was stripped and gawked at by a line-up of male officers.

The next rally saw even more arrests (that was the one being filmed where the woman with black hair is thrown to the ground). The same woman of colour was hurled up against a cement waste bin (thus knocking the wind out of her) and dog-piled by cops who dragged her in handcuffs into the very cop shop that Frank Paul had been thrown out of (condemning him to his demise). She was then grabbed by the neck by another officer inside, who yanked her into the building thusly. The woman with black hair broke sustained a fracture in her wrist from the cops that night. Another was brutalized and stripped, sustaining what is likely to be permanent injuries in her shoulders and hips.

I can’t even gesture at how disgusting it felt to watch that video from waterfront station — to watch someone I consider a friend diminish his own culture and for what? But a cop of all people.

Warrior Publications

By Zig Zag, Warrior Publications, Dec 6, 2013

FYI:  Here is a very recent and clear example of how police and Native collaborators work in undermining and dividing our movements, while attempting to isolate warriors and other radicals in our ranks.

On Dec 2, 2013, a national day of solidarity with the Mi’kmaq anti-fracking resistance was held (#Shutdown Canada).  In Vancouver, the day started at around 7AM with a one hour blockade of the main entrance to the Port of Vancouver.  It was a good start in manifesting solidarity for the Mi’kmaq and in the spirit of the call out. This action was carried out by social justice activists, anarchists, and a couple of Native warriors.

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