Pro-Life Is A Hate Movement: “Regret” Narratives

Yesterday, I was as part of a deliberately silent and minimalist counter-presence to a group of speakers publicly voicing their “regrets about abortion” with a sound system. As the sidewalks filled with university students filing in and out of their regularly scheduled classes, they were subjected at the maximum allowable volume under local bylaws to … Continue reading

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Pro-Life Is A Hate Movement: Know Your Enemy

Have you ever wondered why pro-life demonstrations aren’t merely upsetting, but actually enraging? Once you see the answer, you can’t unsee it. It’s an organized hate movement. Once in a while, someone will publish a daring tell-all piece about how they lost their faith in the movement—often detailing years of social isolation, masterfully executed manipulation … Continue reading

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I’m Not A Victim Either, Just Because I Have Trauma Triggers

Trigger warning for discussion of pedophilia, rape, pedophilia apologism, rape apologism, domestic violence, and misogynist slurs. I’ve been spending a lot of time in dark places of my own past lately, and absolutely none of this has been ameliorated by Bro Dawks publicly making excuses to sweep certain “degrees” of pedophilia under the rug (obvious trigger … Continue reading

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Counter-Protesting SlutWalk Vancouver 2013: Yes, You’re Racist

Today, a few dozen white women gathered (on the occupied ancestral territories of the Coast Salish peoples) in front of a painted banner that read “SlutWalk Vancouver” to take a stand against slut-shaming and rape culture in general — without acknowledging that for many women of colour, this shared experience has no roots in how … Continue reading

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SlutWalk Vancouver, Year Three: An Open Call To Boycott This White Settler Privilege Parade

I am a white person, and a Settler in the unceded Coast Salish territories currently known as Vancouver, BC, and I am writing this piece today as an open call to boycott SlutWalk Vancouver this year and in the future. The event is set to take place for the third time in its short history, … Continue reading

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Confessions Of A Former Misogynist

Originally posted on Purely a figment of your imagination:
NB/ there’re descriptions of violence in this, obviously – don’t read on if that’s not something you want to deal with today. Another guest post for you, readers. This time, my friend Ben recounts his transition from misogynist to feminist. Yes I am happy to call…