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10 Reasons Why Joseph Boyden is a Problem and Should Go Away

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons If you’re reading this, you’re probably already well aware of the walking controversy that is Joseph Boyden. At times it might seem strenuous to keep track of all the mess-ups this guy keeps getting himself into. It’s completely understandable, so to help you out, Not Your Average…

“New World” Settler Colonialism: “Killing Indians, Making Niggers”
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“New World” Settler Colonialism: “Killing Indians, Making Niggers”

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“New World” settler colonialism can be described as a process of “killing Indians, making niggers.” By this I mean that, within the visionary project of building and maintaining a settler state, there are the immediate projects of clearing “virgin” land for industry and settlement (“killing Indians”), as well as constructing a…