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How White People Can Begin To Comprehend Cultural Appropriation Without Stepping Knee-Deep In Racism

Pharrell Williams is wearing a cheaply made feather headdress on the cover of Elle magazine this month. The headdress is constructed from what appears to be dyed turkey feathers, giving the appearance to the untrained eye of eagle feathers, and a lot of people are upset. As they damn well should be. I don’t know … Continue reading

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Khelsilem Rivers: Colonialism, not Stephen Harper, is the enemy

Originally posted on Warrior Publications:
by Khelsilem Rivers, The Georgia Straight, Nov 14, 2013 Harper wearing headdress supplied by Blood band council, 2011. Colonists write the rules on how we are governed, and how we are supposed to resist their control is outlined within these rules —rules that provide a misdirected sense of security and…

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Foundational Injustice & The Urgent Need For Reconciliation

Yesterday night, I was taken aback by the contents of several overlapping conversations about indigenous rights issues, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada — which is Vancouver-bound for a series of BC national events from September 18th to 22nd. All of these conversations manifested seemingly out of nowhere. This blog post will be … Continue reading

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Miley Cyrus Trying To Racialize Herself: Minstrel or Thief?

I am a white gender-ambiguous person who was assigned to the female sex at birth, and who has experienced an utterly horrendous amount of violence (especially sexual violence) over my relatively short lifetime. That being said, I am not and will never be a Black woman, and as such, will always be missing part of … Continue reading

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A Brigade Too Far: The Cost Of Diluting Cultural Appropriation

I came across the term “Cultural Appropriation Brigade” yesterday in a piece of writing that, while erroneously attributing “cultural appropriation” to the manner in which cultures evolve, is nevertheless an important perspective to read, and one with which I ally myself. In fact, what this writer was referring to is called cultural syncretism. While all … Continue reading