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Dissociative Identity Disorder, Crisis Management, & Emotional Triage

Recently in my life away from writing this blog, a conflict erupted. It was a big one, with consequences reaching much further than my antagonist realises. I don’t call her my antagonist as if to imply that I am a do-no-wrong protagonist. I make a lot of mistakes. But what is clear is that we … Continue reading

Disability / Emotionally Present

Personal Fault Inventory: Infinite Passion, Extremely Finite Patience

I learned something yesterday that I have not previously been able to put into words. I am a person of infinite passion, but extremely finite patience. I am frequently accused by people who perceive themselves as the target of my passion (whether it is them or their ideologies, and even whether or not it is … Continue reading

Disability / Emotionally Present / Lived Experience/Memoir

Dissociative Identity Disorder

“Dissociative Identity Disorder. Or, well you know, Multiple Personality Disorder in layman’s terms.” The words just rolled off my second psychology professor’s tongue. My heart silently dropped to my ankles in my chair, as my pulse spontaneously sped up and my face flushed. He continued lecturing on Axis II diagnostic categories in the APA’s Diagnostic … Continue reading