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Gay-Bashing & Trans-Misogyny: Why I Identified Us As White

Yesterday night, in the middle of writing my 10-week follow-up to anti-misogynist action, I created the following image macro from the original photo (which is in yesterday’s blog post), and posted it to Facebook: I have since been asked why I felt it necessary to identify my friend and myself as white, while a minority … Continue reading

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A Friday Morning Unusual

I have been struggling without my emotional compass for a few weeks now, experiencing very intense but brief bursts of acute emotional awareness, and slipping away again into numbness and dissociation within a mere couple of hours. This has been the emotional context in which the marked majority of my entire life has played out … Continue reading

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Fuck The Body Police

Body policing is a huge collection of ideology, rooted in self-appointed authority over other people’s bodies as if they were property to govern and assert control over, and reprimand for any exhibit of defiance. In more specific terms, it is the assumption of being entitled to assert control over which bodies are acceptable, where they … Continue reading

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Able-bodied & Able-minded Privilege

Let’s start with the concept of intelligence, because what the hell! Some of the brightest minds in history come to mind, right? Everyone likes to flatter themselves with how smart they are, right? …RIGHT?! Well, unfortunately, not everyone has that privilege. Some people are told, systematically, that they are worth less because they are less able to … Continue reading

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RE: HIV-Non-Disclosure & Anti-Poz Discrimination (Repost from May ’11)

I have myriad critical responses towards any stigmatization of people who are positive for an STI. Primarily because it is a form of blatant discrimination that has become institutionalized in North American law systems, but also because it makes me furiously rageface. My instinctual response is an instant flashback to when I was 19. I … Continue reading