Emotionally Dissociated / Lived Experience/Memoir / RCMP Investigations

Code Of Conduct Investigation Meets Psychoanalysis Of Microaggression

On the 26th of July last year, the buzzer for my apartment sounded. Not expecting anyone at the time, I went to the front door to investigate, and two RCMP officers in plain clothes (although very nice plain clothes) introduced themselves to me before asking me if I had some time to talk to them. … Continue reading

Emotionally Dissociated / Personal Is Political / Race/Ethnicity

What The Actual Fuck, Alice Bailey? Stories From The Unrelenting Stupidity Files & More SlutWalk Racism

Yesterday afternoon, I was trying to draft a pattern for some beadwork, but I just couldn’t figure it out with unlined paper and a pen, so I went over to my flatmate’s computer to print some graph paper. After creating some using the tables function on Microsoft Word, I hit the “quick print” button, and … Continue reading

Anti-Misogyny / Emotionally Dissociated / Personal Is Political

Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, & Nice Guys®

Having just finished writing about microaggression and rape culture, I found myself today sifting through hundreds of responses to a man who declared that he had gotten drunk at a party where everyone thought he was Really Important®; and where the booze just kind of went straight to his head, causing him to sexually assault … Continue reading

Emotionally Dissociated / Lived Experience/Memoir / Time-specific


My life is taking a turn towards turbulent rivers these days. The night before yesterday, my at-home internet connection was completely severed (and yet I continue to be billed for services). Yesterday afternoon, without invitation or warning (unless you count the few hundred hits from a “non-existent” website with RCMP in the URL), a couple … Continue reading

Anti-Misogyny / Emotionally Dissociated / Lived Experience/Memoir / Personal Is Political

Sex Work: Part II (It’s Political)

It’s been quite some time since I wrote about my personal relationship with sex work. Our relationship went on for eight years. But a couple of years ago, after I survived an exceptionally dangerous situation I promised myself I would never put myself in, I decided to just be friends with sex work and stop … Continue reading

Disability / Emotionally Dissociated / Lived Experience/Memoir

A Friday Morning Unusual

I have been struggling without my emotional compass for a few weeks now, experiencing very intense but brief bursts of acute emotional awareness, and slipping away again into numbness and dissociation within a mere couple of hours. This has been the emotional context in which the marked majority of my entire life has played out … Continue reading

Emotionally Dissociated / Gender / Lived Experience/Memoir

Cis People, Trans* People, Transition, & Hormones

The other day, I attended my friend’s sixth hook suspension. She was hoisted up into euphoric bliss in a lotus position. Pictured below is moments before her euphoria reached full tilt, as she was given what is essentially an under-duck. And that’s how I felt yesterday, reflecting on the hit of euphoria I felt (through … Continue reading