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Dissociative Identity Disorder, Crisis Management, & Emotional Triage

Recently in my life away from writing this blog, a conflict erupted. It was a big one, with consequences reaching much further than my antagonist realises. I don’t call her my antagonist as if to imply that I am a do-no-wrong protagonist. I make a lot of mistakes. But what is clear is that we … Continue reading

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Here We Go Again: Leaving Another Abusive Atmosphere

Over the past couple of years, I have experienced a persistent and turbulent series of events that either threatened my housing security or effectively eliminated it. The past few months in my most recently terminated living arrangement are no exception—having not only threatened my housing security over the most superficially trivial of issues, but also … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not Anti-Theist Revisited: One Year Later

Last April, I wrote this entry about why I’m not anti-theist. In that piece of writing, I essentially argue that anti-theism is a dogmatic view of the world that denies its own nature as dogma, denies itself doubt, and promotes cultural imperialism. These are three damning strikes against my core principles as a human being … Continue reading