Emotionally Present / Personal Is Political

Self-Care, Holding Space, & Real Talk

Do you ever come across terms like “self-care” or “holding space”, and wonder what that’s supposed to mean? I first encountered it among a group of young women who were rather passionately (if not at times aggressively) defying harmful behaviours of local men’s rights “activists”. We had all come together to organise around pro-lifers whose … Continue reading

Personal Is Political / Race/Ethnicity

Revisiting Dreadlocks, White People, And The Cultural Appropriation Brigade

I’ve written before, and more than once, about how (and why) white people get hostile over the matter of white people wearing dreadlocks, and how fundamentally ridiculous an exercise this is. Just yesterday, the matter resurfaced again in a way that I was unprepared for—as a brief moment in a short YouTube video made to … Continue reading

Emotionally Present / Personal Is Political

Skepchick Challenges Atheists & Skeptics — I Challenge Skepchick

Skepchick.org writer Amy Roth published an open challenge to atheists and skeptics recently. The challenge is to “do better”, or essentially, to just be nice. Well, I have a challenge for Amy and any of her readership who choose to accept. But I have a few things to say first. I’m well aware that probably … Continue reading

Emotionally Present / Personal Is Political

Addiction To Activism

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been involved in several activist communities. Almost all of them have at some point turned dysfunctional, and until fairly recently, I’ve been left wondering why. But now that I’ve seen the answer, I can’t unsee it: activist communities are literally plagued with dry addiction; most often constituted entirely … Continue reading

Anti-Misogyny / Gender / Personal Is Political

I’m Not A Victim Either, Just Because I Have Trauma Triggers

Trigger warning for discussion of pedophilia, rape, pedophilia apologism, rape apologism, domestic violence, and misogynist slurs. I’ve been spending a lot of time in dark places of my own past lately, and absolutely none of this has been ameliorated by Bro Dawks publicly making excuses to sweep certain “degrees” of pedophilia under the rug (obvious trigger … Continue reading

Gender / Personal Is Political / Race/Ethnicity

When Oppression Isn’t Linear: Analysis Of A Microcosm

Just moments ago, I witnessed something really weird. Earlier today, an announcement was made that Dr. Bernice King will be speaking at an upcoming reconciliation event hosted in Vancouver. This is especially remarkable because she is the daughter of renowned civil rights movement leader, Dr. Martin Luther King. This is what I would describe as … Continue reading

Decolonization / Personal Is Political

Foundational Injustice & The Urgent Need For Reconciliation

Yesterday night, I was taken aback by the contents of several overlapping conversations about indigenous rights issues, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada — which is Vancouver-bound for a series of BC national events from September 18th to 22nd. All of these conversations manifested seemingly out of nowhere. This blog post will be … Continue reading

Personal Is Political

Lateral Aggression, Lateral Violence, & Sympathetic Anger – A Deeper Understanding Of Privilege

White people and settlers invested in anti-racism and anti-colonialism, and men invested in feminism, need to learn some really important lessons about dealing with their anger before they can claim to understand their social privileges. This blog entry will deal with three specific phenomena that manifest entirely out of misdirected anger: lateral aggression, lateral violence, … Continue reading