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West To North: The Story Of A Half A Metric Ton Of Beach Trash

Over the past four months, on average about once weekly, I personally have been descending the stairs at the edges of UBC campus in Vancouver, picking up as much trash as I can haul from between the North-facing beach (i.e., Acadia beach) and the West-facing beach (i.e., Wreck beach), and disposing of it in garbage … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not Anti-Theist Revisited: One Year Later

Last April, I wrote this entry about why I’m not anti-theist. In that piece of writing, I essentially argue that anti-theism is a dogmatic view of the world that denies its own nature as dogma, denies itself doubt, and promotes cultural imperialism. These are three damning strikes against my core principles as a human being … Continue reading

Personal Is Political / Time-specific

PeaceFail Protest: March Against Monsanto Vancouver

This morning, a few dozen white people gathered in the occupied territories of the Coast Salish peoples (without Coast Salish peoples present, of course), to peacefully protest a problem they don’t even understand. Something inside me was pushing me to be there. This blog post is about why I think that was, compared to the … Continue reading

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What The Actual Fuck, Alice Bailey? Stories From The Unrelenting Stupidity Files & More SlutWalk Racism

Yesterday afternoon, I was trying to draft a pattern for some beadwork, but I just couldn’t figure it out with unlined paper and a pen, so I went over to my flatmate’s computer to print some graph paper. After creating some using the tables function on Microsoft Word, I hit the “quick print” button, and … Continue reading

Emotionally Present / Personal Is Political

Man Who Threatened To Batter Me Cries Assault/Slander When I Silently Point At Him

On July 21 last year, during a pro-choice street demonstration, a man approached the crowd of us at the corner and targeted a very pale, nervous-looking young guy for persistent badgering and antagonizing. I remember thinking to myself that the young man will just know when to walk away. I remember hearing the man who … Continue reading

Gender / Personal Is Political

SlutWalk Vancouver (Year 3) Organizer Violates My Privacy & Outs Me As Trans

The other day, while I was addressing Vancouver Parks Board with my experiences as an out trans and genderqueer person who only accesses their facilities during private rentals, due to my observations of how other trans (some stealth) and genderqueer people are treated during public swimming hours (to say nothing of how I am treated), … Continue reading

Gender / Personal Is Political

An Historic Day For The Rights Of Trans* & Gender-Diverse People In Vancouver

I received a text message yesterday morning, in which was asked to speak at a Vancouver Parks Board meeting during which a proposal had been tabled to begin a trans- and gender-variant-inclusion overhaul of their facilities, starting with a work group that was willing to keep advancing future proposals. I was immediately of the mind … Continue reading

Personal Is Political / Race/Ethnicity / Rape Culture

Completely Useless & Wildly Immature Correspondence With SlutWalk Vancouver (Year 3) Organizers

The first correspondence I received was originally posted on this entry, as part of my open call to boycott SlutWalk Vancouver in its third year and in future years. But as I’ve since received further correspondence, and the issues I addressed in the original piece of writing calling for a boycott, as well as in … Continue reading