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Pro-Life Is A Hate Movement: Know Your Enemy

Have you ever wondered why pro-life demonstrations aren’t merely upsetting, but actually enraging? Once you see the answer, you can’t unsee it. It’s an organized hate movement. Once in a while, someone will publish a daring tell-all piece about how they lost their faith in the movement—often detailing years of social isolation, masterfully executed manipulation … Continue reading

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Counter-Protesting “Genocide Awareness Project” – Day Two

Today was International Women’s Day, which is what prompts the “Genocide Awareness Project” campaign to appear each year at a local university campus — that fact may very well change in future years, as hundreds of visitors, students, and instructors signed a petition to UBC to prohibit these obscene displays from appearing again. If you … Continue reading

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Counter-Protesting “Genocide Awareness Project” – Day One

A pro-life group presented the once-annual pet project of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform to a university campus today. The project itself is called “Genocide Awareness Project”, and directly equates abortion with the Nazi Holocaust, Cambodian killing fields, Black lynchings, the Wounded Knee Massacre, and Rwandan genocide. Graphic images of all of these events … Continue reading

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On Cherry-Picking The Meaning Of A Political Identity

In this blog post, I’m going to stick to talking about the “pro-life” movement, pro-choice politics, the “men’s rights” movement, feminisms, white supremacist hate groups, and the Civil Rights Movement. In no particular order. The purpose of this blog post will be to dissect whether it is ever acceptable or appropriate for someone to defend an attempt … Continue reading

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Blog Repost – Blinded by the right: My past as an anti-abortion activist

This is a must-read pro-choice blog post published originally at Michael Laxer’s Blog as a guest entry. It is the perspective of a former pro-life insider (which shares volumes of detail about the pro-life movement’s hatred of women). Again, as in the case of the epic troll blog re-post on votes for women, because Blogspot doesn’t … Continue reading