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The Person’s Case, Rapechants and Consequences

Originally posted on intersectionelle:
by Sasha Wiley The case of Edwards v. Canada (Attorney General) was decided in 1929, after going through what was at that time the highest court with jurisdiction in Canada, Britain’s Juridical Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC). Those who aren’t Canadian legal history buffs most likely know that case as…

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Richard Dawkins, Child Rape, & Cultural Relativism (Trigger Warning): Rape Culture 310

Yesterday night, I watched We Were Children (trigger warning), which is a roughly 75-minute non-fiction film narrated by two survivors of Canadian residential schools. Speaking as someone who is a survivor of both incest and multiple rapes, this film triggered the ever-loving shit out of me. If you are having about one of the worst days … Continue reading

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Completely Useless & Wildly Immature Correspondence With SlutWalk Vancouver (Year 3) Organizers

The first correspondence I received was originally posted on this entry, as part of my open call to boycott SlutWalk Vancouver in its third year and in future years. But as I’ve since received further correspondence, and the issues I addressed in the original piece of writing calling for a boycott, as well as in … Continue reading

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A Brief History Of SlutWalk Racism

I recently published this open call to boycott SlutWalk in its third year, on the principle that it is literally a parade of white settler privilege pretending and (more-or-less failing) to “raise consciousness about rape culture”. This post will be addressing the racism that has been inherent in the SlutWalk movement (especially in Vancouver, BC) … Continue reading

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SlutWalk Vancouver, Year Three: An Open Call To Boycott This White Settler Privilege Parade

I am a white person, and a Settler in the unceded Coast Salish territories currently known as Vancouver, BC, and I am writing this piece today as an open call to boycott SlutWalk Vancouver this year and in the future. The event is set to take place for the third time in its short history, … Continue reading