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Code Of Conduct Investigation Meets Psychoanalysis Of Microaggression

On the 26th of July last year, the buzzer for my apartment sounded. Not expecting anyone at the time, I went to the front door to investigate, and two RCMP officers in plain clothes (although very nice plain clothes) introduced themselves to me before asking me if I had some time to talk to them. … Continue reading

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Proprietor Of Libido Events Using Twitter & FetLife To Smear Me

I’ve written about this issue before, and I’ve even phoned the cops about it when I felt extremely threatened during the course of a housing crisis in which this woman would not leave me in peace. For the record, I wound up losing that housing (and my long-term relationship at the time when he chose … Continue reading

Emotionally Present / Lived Experience/Memoir / RCMP Investigations

There’s Vexing & Perplexing; Then There’s 67 Pairs Of Shoes & A Lifetime Of Trauma

Cpl. Brown has at last filed a lawsuit against his cyber-stalker, Grant Wakefield (and two unnamed accomplices), and in so doing, himself published the entire volume of defamatory accusations that Wakefield is assumed responsible for publishing in letters to RCMP, national media, on Twitter, on blog comments, and in email exchanges with a blog writer. … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To Unknown Female Model: Ignorance Is Not Lovely

The identity of the unknown female model in photos with Cpl. Jim Brown’s Doppelgang (aka Mr. Charles) has been LOLWHOOPS! revealed to me. I am not in the least bit surprised. Just disappointed. I can fully appreciate how uncomfortable it must feel to be informed that the surviving brother of one of the Aboriginal women … Continue reading

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A Dream

Last night, the man I’ve been calling Mr. Charles appeared in my dream. I was at some sort of social gathering, discussing a TENS unit I had somehow acquired. It is a device I actually have, and which I use occasionally to treat debilitating muscle tension. Only in the dream, it was a different one, … Continue reading

Emotionally Present / Lived Experience/Memoir / RCMP Investigations / Time-specific

Project E-Norther, Redacted Version

The BC Civil Liberties Association and media have successfully gotten the contents of a sealed warrant released, with a number of people’s names and testimony blacked out throughout its length. Sure enough, the warrant was in relation to Cpl. Jim Brown, and a series of misconduct investigations, as well as multiple criminal investigations to which … Continue reading