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Come and learn. Come, drum and sing. But the moment family needs you, Then you were just “chasing bling”.   Come join the circle. There’s space for everyone. Receive teachings from the elders. But don’t you hoard it, young one.   Creator made each of us, And gave us all different gifts to share. You … Continue reading


Sexual Abuse Leads To Sexual Dysfunction (Perspective On Consent): Rape Culture 305

Warning: This posts contains writing that may be particularly triggering for survivors of sexual abuse, especially for those whose traumas occurred during late childhood and/or as young adults. If you are having a bad day already, this might not be the best piece of writing for you to engage with. — I was by incest … Continue reading


The Privilege Of Tolerance

Russia recently passed an explicitly anti-gay law, under pressure from an anti-gay advocacy group equivalent to the Westboro Baptist Church or Real Women of Canada (who, in case you aren’t familiar, argued to Canadian parliament that all transgendered people are crossdressing pedophiles preying upon vulnerable children in women’s bathrooms). As a result of Russia’s new law, which … Continue reading


Introduction To Internet Security For People With No Experience

Recently, I was a participant in a spontaneous discussion about hacking, viruses, and other malicious things that happen to computers because of total dillholes who have too much time on their hands. One other participant suggested that the easiest way to secure your internet connection is to reformat your computer if you suspect that someone … Continue reading

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Idle No More, Copyrights, Trademarks, & Internalized Colonialism

Today, the rumour that the “Idle No More Four” (which used to be five women, back in December) were planning on copyrighting and/or trademarking the phrase “Idle No More” was confirmed. It’s done now, thus marking a definitive moment in indigenous resistance that all the real grassroots saw coming months ahead of time: indigenous people … Continue reading