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Project E-Norther, Redacted Version

The BC Civil Liberties Association and media have successfully gotten the contents of a sealed warrant released, with a number of people’s names and testimony blacked out throughout its length. Sure enough, the warrant was in relation to Cpl. Jim Brown, and a series of misconduct investigations, as well as multiple criminal investigations to which … Continue reading

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Information, Speculation, & Misinformation

RCMP investigations into Cpl. Jim Brown, Mr. Charles, the photos of both men that were leaked to the national media, and the Re-Sergeance Alliance blog, are all reaching critical mass. As a result, the efforts of multiple parties to spread credible information, unsubstantiated speculation, and blatant misinformation, is also reaching critical mass. Emotions are running … Continue reading

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Manufacturing Complacence

Of all the things that has bothered me, now that I’ve located and read many of the online discussions of the Cpl. Jim Brown case on FetLife, it is the assumption that there was no crime committed and therefore no criminal investigation. How exactly does an otherwise astute thinker become so easily persuaded by such … Continue reading